My week has been very "eventful" up to this moment. Had an exam on monday, total waste of my day, apart from the coolness of training and development, I wonder why the course exists, I mean the professor was going through major issues, she was always late, sluggish, she probably had stuff going on but point remains the exam was a waste of my time and I would have been better off sleeping in my bed!
After exams, I get a call from Theo, we met up at mines, he made breakfast, that man makes the best pancakes EVER! Like WOAHHHHHHHHH. I know I was supposed to be off carbs, but it was exam season, I HAD to put stuff in my mouth and when I ran out of nuts and beef jerky, I had to do crisps, and I thought, a week off wouldn't hurt and if I were to get back on, I'd be better cos God knows I cheated the first month into my low card diet, but I did see results. Anyways the pancakes were goood. And we were planning a dinner for our friend toy-toy whose birthday it was.
It was just supposed to be informal pasta and meatballs, but theo was grocery shopping and we thought, he had to be there, and I felt it would be weird just having theo so I asked abi, and then we thought it would be weird if we didn't invite toy-toy's friends that we knew. Next thing we knew we were turning off lights, screaming surprise and moaning over great stir fry. *Did I mention THEO IS A GREAT COOK?*
Anyways, dinner rocked, it wasn't too hot, or too cold and before we had champaign in our systems we were talking innuendos and big packages. It was fun.

Jump to Tuesday, some miserable sod in my building has been drilling God knows what for the last two months, it woke us all up, I work all through the night, I expect to sleep during the day, if thats a sin then sue me and watch me go all Godfather on you. I had a bad headache decided to watch tv and guess what was on....yep. SPICE WORLD, If you were born in the 90s chances are that you do not know the spice girls.

I myself first discovered spice girls when their hit song "wannabe" came out. I was in Benin Republic at that time, we were having one of 'em end of the year events, it was my first year there and being the "seniors" we wanted something sophisticated to do for the school, the hall was beautiful and worth not, it was supposed to be a classy event, but then all the students had to be in their "afternoon" uniform. We didn't know that at the time when we called Sherifat from American International School to teach us a dance. She taught us the moves, myself, Yewande, Karen, Blessing and Sophie I think. All I remember is that I was scary spice :) I had my kit and all, and then we were told we had to perform in our uniform! We yelled, screamed, but knew we had to perform and well we did, and it kicked ass.

I loved the spice girls, I remember that first album, SPICE, we played it so much we had to re-dubb it and then start playing it all over again. Especially WANNABE, and when we got tired of dancing, we'd play MAMA and WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE.
Sometime in 98, we were in the air and for some reason we were just hoovering cos there was no light at Muritala Muhammed, I don't know what it was, but I changed the channel on my headpiece and viva forever started to play by spice girls. I just started crying, till this day I associate Viva Forever to departure and loss. I cried so hard and I still can't tell you why I cried.
Ah spice girls, I remember 2 become 1 was the shyt back in the day, when people would have "house parties" and we were fairly young, but when things were going to go slow they usually started out with 2 become 1 and then moved to them boys 2 men "I'll make love to you". And 4 seasons.....
They attempted to come back in 2000 with that forever CD of theirs, I really like holler but I didn't go after the cd like I should have.

Ah how time flies, am feeling very old right about now......

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Pink-satin said...

i really liked spice girls back in d days..i liked "good bye" the one they sang wen ginger spice was leaving the group..talking abt the spice girl brings us back to Mel B who just had a baby girl whomshe claims is 4 Eddie murphy