Right after lunch, I was waiting for the elevator to get back to work and I decided to catch up on happenings, I totally decided not to follow the news because the last time I followed someone's health (Pope John Paul) he died and I tried to cry but the tears didn't come, PAPA was more than a pope to me, I liked his courage, his discipleship, his take on life. Ask anyone Pope John Paul, oozes holy presence, he entered the large field, and the moment his feet touched the ground it was holy, what am I saying field, he was in his pope mobile, and before he showed up on the screen at the CNE in 2002, we were all in tears, feeling the presence of God, and unworthy, young folks, old folks, folks that didn't have the faintest idea who he was, it was magical. Anyway, I prayed that he would be in Germany for WYD 05 but he wasn't and I cried because WYD was just a few months away when he died.

So I didn't follow the deteriorating health of Luciano Pavarotti, and I found out that he died just today, apparently he died last night but am just so sad, ok maybe not sad but I really loved Pavarotti, and I was so looking forward to seeing him sing live someday.

(My first, my last, my everything - Barry White RIP and Luciano Pavarotti RIP)

The first time I heard of Pavarotti was on a British Airways flight, I was either leaving or entering London and I was rebelling against "new age" music so I flipped to the classical station, and I swear I thought I heard God, but No, it was Luciano Pavarotti, sing LA DONNA E MOBILE from Rigoletto. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to fly back just to hear more from RIGOLETTO, luckily for me on our flight back, another station was playing PAVAROTTI AND FRIENDS. I obviously bought the RIGOLETTO musical, watched 2 renditions of the Opera and watched out for Pavarotti in concert which I never got to see...

I bought a couple of Pavarotti's cds, I labeled them SLEEP TIME SPECIAL, I especially loved NESSUN DORMA it used to calm me down when I was stressed, I don't know what it means, but for me Nessun Dorma told me everything would be okay.

One day I stumbled on a song that was apparently sung by Pavarotti and Dion *apparently it was first done by Dion and Brocelli*, what would such a collaboration sound like I asked myself. See, Pavarotti revolutionized the way we saw Opera music, I mean his voice was all over, I've had people ask me what genre of music he was supposed to be classified as, he doesn't have a genre, he's an ubiquitous singer, I think am using that word well oh well....He will be missed. I LOVE THEN I HATE YOU

My sister's friend said Luciano Pavarotti almost sounds like Lucifer, I quite agree, he will be missed.

My only consolation is that my aunt Yemi's dad will have Pavarotti close to him to sing for him as he looks down on his children to bless them and watch over them.
REST IN PEACE LUCIANO PAVAROTTI, REST IN PEACE AUNTY YEMI'S DAD and for those of us left, we can still enjoy the AVE MARIA, by Shubert, the one song in the world that still makes me cry.


laspapi said...

this saddened me greatly, too.

Uzo said...

Fabulous tribute...Pavarotti will indeed be missed