The first day I met this young man was at one of those events and the first thing I thought was "he speaks too much grammar" and he was extremely jumpy, we were in a youth forum type thing and the boy would stand, move, sit, move in the seat like there was hot stone there, change position, interrupt, and I thought woah....seriously! But he had really intelligent things to say.
And later that night, when he came to grab me from outside, I just got a drink from the bar when he came to take me to my table, seeing as he was late, I asked him to carry my drink, and he did and as soon as we got to my table, he said, cheers, and drank my screwdriver. I was in shock, like WOAH!!! YOU OWE ME A DRINK BUDDIE. And just like that, I thought he was a joker and I warmed to him.
And then this young silly young man whose cousins were dressed in jeans at a black-tie event with whom he was just gisting, talking about aunty this, uncle that, went up to the podium and he spoke. There were ministers, CEOs of businesses all over Africa, Canada, US and other parts of the world, important Government officials that would scare the average youth and he spoke and got the attention of the whole room. I was proud of him, he spoke, and when he was done, I found myself on my feet clapping, no one had ever moved me to my feet clapping before. And I thought wow, what an intelligent young man, when he came down we hugged and I told him how proud of him I was.....He left that evening, but I had to send him on email, he was a good friend to have, and funny this young man kept in touch.

I didn't understand the P that was on this young man.

Temidayo Isreal Abdullai is gifted, he is blessed, he is fantastic and I am suprised that he doesn't have his own 1 hr show on CTS, he needs it, he talks and I get goose bumps,I constantly thank God for his life and everytime I see him on youtube or hear of him, I say a little prayer. God has not started working on him yet, no...When God starts with this man, he will be THE WORD, the world will come to listen to him, Joel Osteen will quote him, the world will know him over, because this young man is annointed. God bless him beyond his own understanding.


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geisha.song. said...

to be fair i havent clicked on the links - slow Internet and hunger :)
he sounds funny... woulda pissed me off at first tho.