When I was younger I used to want to be an actress, I thought I had the talent, (don't get me wrong, I do fantastic impressions I just don't take well to people telling me what to do). And acting is SOOO difficult, I remember my drama classes from high school, they were brutal, I did Shakespeare and I thought woah! My teacher extracted all sorts of emotions from me, and eventually I killed the scene but it was crazy, and all that staying in character when your real self is dying to come out just KILLS me. I am not an actress. O tan.

That being said, I love to watch great performances, and I could spend months discussing amazing scenes in movies but I'll spare you that, some actors/actresses act so well, you can't imagine them as anything else. Whereas some people do the same things over and over again and soon they become their characters or they play themselves and you just know something is wrong.

And as we live and learn and travel we find "faults" with our home "system" and we say we can do better and we actually do, which is where the problem begins. I saw one Toronto production once, it was a Ghanian movie shot by Torontonians. I believe that if you want to change something it should be for the better, not for the worse and I have seen better productions come out of Ghana that this "Canadian Masterpiece" It was totally awful, it was terribly done, the finishing was unnecessary, the actors were untrained and should never leave their day jobs. Just because you can pretend to be Nadia Buari for five seconds doesn't mean you can pretend to be Andrea Landon the supermodel who has twitching issues with her left eye. Or maybe its the writers or directors that are not clear enough with the actors, because sometimes I just don't get it, people don't put enough into the acting.

Am watching a movie right now, its supposed to be an American/Nigerian marriage, the movie started a while ago, first the names of the Characters SUCK! When did Chief Awolowo start having a thick Igbo accent and using words like "Chineke na p'ogi" I mean seriously, where do we draw the line? And a village girl is having very good "fake American" accent. *Its that really annoying accent some people have when they say things like "gat" and thin out their voices and speak with their noses.

These little things say a lot about the movie. I was watching another movie earlier and I had to stop that one because I was having a headache just thinking about all the things that were wrong with that movie. The acting sucked, "it sucked big ****" (I heard that yesterday and I likes it) the lady was supposed to be arriving from Nigeria and for the longest time looking at her face she told you the whole story, you know, her eyes told you that she was waiting to "wild out" and change from the dutiful wife that started the movie. You could just tell that she was constricted for a time being, and the conversations were so fake, so unscripted, yet so unraw, I can't explain it to you but when you have a new friend you don't let them talk your lines, you have a conversation it was just crazy.


And then my friend just inflicted yet another bad Canadian production of a Nigerian movie on me, and if I may the only good thing so far about the movie is the supporting actress with whom I have a picture or two...I so get it everyone wants to show the world what a better movie is all about, it is not a problem, but don't start off nice and finish crappily, the "finishing" of the movie was terrible, it looks like the recording was done on film for the most part, and the story is a good story the end, the dialogues and some of the characters took away from the pleasure of the movie.
Some of the "lead" characters suck, one in particular, he had no business acting, infact when people say ACTION, he should run in the opposite direction like there was a deranged polar bear on the loose. He sucked, constantly looked in the camera and he looked like he was uncomfortable playing his part, and those lines were YUCKY! At one time I thought of killing myself, No I lie. I brought out my unwaxed dental floss, I decided that if I must kill I need to do it after I have removed the plaque from someone else's teeth, no one has to know that I did it and multiple DNAs just puts people off.
The movie is now over, thats like 1.5hrs of my life that I am never going to get back, but one the flowery bright side, I did not buy the movie, my good friend S was tortured and she felt "what are friends for, than to inflict pain on each other", so am on a spree to find some of the worst movies ever and get her to watch every single one of them, because that is what friends do for each other.

One to better things, am watching a Canadian movie on the women's channel, jumping off my balcony looks like a good idea right about now.

Until next time; "put your hands in your pocket, are you sure there are no more lies in there?"

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