God Of All Creatures Great and Small

Last night I as talking to a couple of people and we were deciding that maybe people in Canada are not the kindest and they don't help their neighbours, they see a man fall and no one calls 911 they just walk away. And I was just thinking about that. I shamefully take that back, because I'm always right, I'm not ashamed to be wrong, I'm taking it back GRACEFULLY! I'll tell you why;

So yesterday at about 11ish, I was on my way back home, and I was at the traffic light waiting for the light to go green when from no where I found myself in the middle of the road, swiftly I moved the car to the side and I'm not sure how I turned the engine off or got out of the car, but I did, I made it out in one piece, no glasses were shattered but my trunk was completely smashed, and people around just came to me in my state of confusion to assure me that everything would be alright, I am sort of still in shock, firstly I thought it was like in the movies, a truck hits you from behind you are in the middle of the road and next thing you know a trailer is speeding right in front of you crushes the car and you and all you remember is death holding you by the hand and you're looking at what is left of your body. I thank God that is not my fate.

But the point is, as soon as I got out of the car, there was another car parked right behind me, they saw me enter the middle of the intersection and just stopped to make sure I was ok, some other guy on the other side of the light ran into the nearest parking space and came out to make sure I was ok, he waited for a while and when the cops didn't show up, he gave me his number in case I needed a witness as he saw everything. And the saab car parked behind me and its passengers actually waited till the cops arrived like 30 minutes later and told them what they saw before they left. I don't even know who called the cops. I guess all I'm trying to say is that I love Toronto, God bless Toronto and everyone in it that has a kind heart and helps people and heaven help us all to help those in need.

Its also safe to say that God watches over his own and finds little ways to remind us that he is there, he is watching and he won't let anything bad happen to his own. And please if you are reading try to do something good, selfless everyday, if someone asks for money for the train, do better offer them a ttc ticket, if you see a lady looking for change to make a call, offer to make the call on your mobile phone, lets just try to do something nice for someone whenever you can, if not for anything it is to pay it forward so that a heart will be touched and in turn you can touch someone's heart!

My back hurts momentarily, my neck kills me every now and then and sometimes I feel I have a headache, my doctor thinks I'll be ok, but who knows these things. I'm happy to be alive

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