I started this new show today on CTV titled "the class", so it opens up with this guy opening up his grade 3 year book and inviting everyone in his class to a party that he is throwing for his girlfriend who actually was in grade 3 with him and they didn't see each other for a really long time and he was throwing a surprise party for her.
Cut to finding out most of the people at the "reunion party" actually went to high school together and you know how high school kids clash, prom night wahala and things and now they're meeting up again, after school's done and everyone's older some are married some have kids and others are still trying to find "themselves".
Anyway, that really got me thinking about my grade 3 friends, I wonder where they all are these days, my crew, Opeyemi Otun, Lola Owoeye, Dolapo fadehan, Bola, and those that I talked to, Segun Badmus i think, Tobi Ojo, Deji Ojo-Ariyo. I don't even remember any of their names, I remember Lola called me once when I was in JSS2 and I wrote her number down but I don't know where it is or where it is. I wonder where they all are and if we'll ever have our own little reunion and how weird would that be when or if that ever happens. I want to see my old friends again, those that have known me from the days when I didn't even know myself.

Cust to secondary school, four different schools, let's start frrom JSS1, grade7, I think I can only account for one or two people my cousin Bukki (of course) and Debola who I saw in London last year, and I can speak for Lerato because although she was a year my junior we met again at my other school and I guess we talk on a yearly basis. I wonder how all my friends are doing, Joan and Jennifer, Mary Isimeme, Gloria, Adaku, Loretta and Maryan the completely different cousins, Esther Alabi, I reallllly want to hear from Wunmi Okunola, I wonder what she's up to these days, I want to seat with her talk to her and am sure we'd have too many people to catch up on just the two of us, did I add that I went to elementary school with Wunmi, I remember when I saw her at Regina Mundi, I screamed, ran and jumped on her another familiar face that I knew from somewhere.
Grade 8 and 9 at Cotonou, I know what almost everyone is up to, except for a few that left halfway through, where is Blessin Orji, and I was in brief contact with Olaolu Balashire, and many of them that I am in touch with I had to dig through forwarded messages take chances of "hey are you...blablabla from blablabla" and even then I feel like I have pushed through to find these people.
Thank God for hi5 and the network of friends, I spent 2004 looking for friends and 2005 keeping up in contacts.
In the end I wonder if I had all my former classmates in the same room, from elementary all the way to secondary, would we all still get along or would we just seat there like strangers and ruin a perfect evening. Oh well these things happen....... Life

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Naijadude said...

Thats so lovely, but ur last statement is funny! I had my 2 year senior at high school came to study at my University in Alberta, after a year that I have been there, so literally I am his senior cos I showed him around Canada and stuff. Neways we get to talk most times but clash most times too, I am difficult to get along with, that is.

But its so cute of you to remember those names, too bad I could only remember few names, few and far between. Some are still in Nigeria I could imagine how they'd feel when you try to remember who they are! Reminiscing is good eh! The old good times in high school!!