Oh my goodness the evil ones are taking over the world, they caused Hitler to kill the jews, they were there were when "PEACE" was taken away from Asia in a gunshot, they were there where the Tsunami happened and somehow it didn't really affect them. They're Indians/deshis
They are taking over the world so fast am afraid that one day I'd go to bed and wake up Indian, but before I do, I must urge the world to keep fighting them, we must try to battle the evil so that when our children are born they can say, our parents fought the battle of suppressing the indians.

Have you ever called your telephone company and heard an Indian on the other end of the phone and wondered if you were calling India and suddenly started getting static on the phone, I'll calm your nerves, nope you weren't calling India you probably were calling somewhere in Toronto or albaquerque don't be alarmed most call centres have 10 black people for show, 10 white for assurance and just infultrate the place with Indians, Bengalis, and other brown people. Its overwhelming the rate at which they enter an institution.

And then at my building the security staff, they're all Indian, from Sari to Mohammed, to Zafar and what have you. Its just quite interesting that they're watching the building keeping it in tact and I think we only have one Indian family in the whole building, a breathe of fresh air, but across the street where I used to live they started out as an indian family and now on every floor there's an least one Indian family....Thankfully I no longer live there. But I wonder if there's still so many people in India/Pakistan and they're so many of them also in Canada do they by some magic permutate and just get in there and try to take over.

Speaking of which I remember back in Nigeria Mr Benji and his family, we used to go see them at Easter time and they'd have a huge party Mr Benji, his wife, 4 kids, his wife's brother and his family and Mama Ji and Papa Ji, and them kids speak some interesting Yoruba, and the other day I met this guy that told me about how he lived in Nigeria and his whole family's still back there....Ehn! Uncle sounds so Naijaish, his broken English aint got nothing on me!!!

Now what makes me speak, I was at school today trying to get my ish together, and we were in a meeting and everyone was all Indian and made all these decisions and there were like 10 different racial groups represented at the meeting. The tamil group, the Pakistan group, the Indian group, Bengali, I lost count of their names especially after they all had the same officials and my thing was if you all belong to all these groups anyways, why not just amalgamate and be one....All hell almost broke loose cos apparently am insensitive to cultural differences, but how different can you be if your father is Pakistan and your mother is Hindu and you are the presidetn of the pakistan club and the secretary of the Hindu society!!! Gosh!!!!! And I being so "insensitive" am a member of the BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATION, not african of african Canadian or Carribean o.
Oh well, am not complaininggggggggg. just saying

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