My Fellow Canadians

So All Hallow's eve is upon us, it was quite an interesting day for me personally, as I am not a huge fan of halloween. I never quite got the concept of people dressing up and knocking on stranger's doors seeking candy and when refused proceed to egg the doors of the said strangers, to teach them a lesson that candy giving is good? WOW! I always heard that the whole thing with Halloween originated in Ireland, something about ghosts coming back the night before all saints day to posess bodies for the following year and to avoid their bodies being posessed the peasants would turn out their lights and put on ghouly costumes and cause havoc around town and they'd burn people that were suspected of being posessed to warn the ghosts to stay away. Now here's my thing, our children know this story and we still let them run around collecting candy from strangers, couldn't that be some ritual of ghost calling.....Exhuming dead spirits of long ago to posess the bodies of children, should they collect candy from a stranger. Ponder on that a little
And while you're at it, I never went trick 'o treating so I wonder how do you know who's door to knock on? Is it by the design on the front door or a sign that says I GIVE CANDY? I was just wondering because no one has ever come to knock on my door. I guess in the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw I should say.... "HOW DO KNOW WHAT STRANGERS HAVE CANDY?"
I guess I love the partying aspect of Halloween even though I couldn't be bothered with dressing up, its just fun to accept drinks from strangers during the "halloween season". I find it fascinating though that every halloween there's a street party on church street from alexandra all the way to wellesley. The clubs blast music and people just walk around in their costumes. The first time I ever "attended" the party on church street was some two years ago....I was so tired from the library and was slowly heading back home and I saw some silly boy in short shorts! I was like what???? And next thing I know the roads are closed and everyone is dancing, naturally the tiredness wore off *I love gay club music* and so I just joined in the fun and it was a good night...Last year I just took a couple of pictures, and well this year, I just couldn't be bothered with heading out, especially since my father is visiting. But if you live in Toronto and want to have some "unfamily/family" fun hit church street, the street party usually runs from 6:00pm - 10:00pm... if anyone is interested. I got a lot of free candy at school though and ran into one of my "boys"

So my dad is visiting, *its his house by the way* I love my dad, I don't talk much about him because I feel like am bragging and it would piss my mum off that I talk about him a lot more than I do her and she was the stay at home mum, but with my mum she is just too much to cover, and I love her too. But as we were, my dad, special man, visiting Toronto, he's here for some clinicals, he has been coughing for almost four years now and no one knows whats wrong and well he's been doing tests and the doctors are stunned and I keep telling him to talk to a therapist because I feel its a psychological thing, I mean they find things and take care of them and he stops coughing for a while and then it comes back and anytime he coughs it hurts me to see him that way, he has that save me look pon him face. Anyhoots, so he is in for another test and this test is different, they have a tube in my dad's belly linked through his nose with a machine to measure some acid level in his body. Now after all the tubular insertion, they gave my father instructions and sent him home! Thats Canadian medicine for you! They don't have enough beds in the hospitals so they can't keep people in for so long.....And they asked my dad to live life normally! Like he is supposed to go to the bank with tubes hanging all over and some instrument attached and be asked if he's ok.......Psh! Thank God he's taking it out tomorow.

And thats why I have Canada's health care system, its so annoying! Did you know that in Canada once you give birth to a child, they clean up the baby and send you home with instructions on how to care for your kid!!! Shyt! Its the crap we pay for free health care, am moving to Ireland, where things should be better. And you know how many people walk the streets with oxygen tubes attached to their bodies and the gas on some pulley device, I saw a lady with that today, a young girl may 25 nothing more, and she had tubes all over the face and a little gas thing that she kept pulling with her. I guess I shouldn't complain, all the things we get for free, a guess a little compromise wouldn't hurt but now when I'm in my house changing my own damn drips!!!!!!

Am tired of whinning about the health care system, I need some fruit punch.


Chasing Daylight* said...

That's really unsettling to hear that about your Dad. I'm sorry and I hope you find out whats going on!! So...when are you coming to visit me?

ha ha

Calabar Gal said...

I pray your Dad gets better. We take all these things and life in general for granted until we see others in such dicy situations living it as best as they cn and with a smile. *Sigh*