Car shopping is such a difficult task, I personally am good at making decisions, ok so I lie, but when I find what I want I go after it, no questions asked. But with cars I am just terrible, I could never settle. My Cr-v was thrust upon me, I took over a year decidin on a vehicle and finally we contacted an expert and I got a cr-v. Then the cr-v started acting up it was a really old one, so we had to replace it, my dad and I had our eyes set on the murano we'd test driven it, we'd priced it, we'd shaked hands with Nissan and then the day we were supposed to pick it up, we get there with our cash, we talked to the Nissan guy, he gave us all these options and suddenly we were back at square1, what type of car do we want?
So, back and forth we went from there, for months and months and months, then my uncle left me his car for a while because he was doing this job thing and didn't need a car so the thing stayed with me and we forgot about replacing a car because well we had something a nice Corolla, and suddenly the car gets into an accident and now dad and I have to get a car and we don't know what our budget is and I've spent half the day looking for a car, God help me.

Speaking of which, today, on the weekend I was walking around Church street going to the movie place, and well I decided I needed a drink from starbucks and some ice cream from across the street, *yes! I love church street* somehow I felt the urge to look up and there is this cyber cafe on church street that reminded me of a story I feel obliged to tell. So one time my friend LC and her friend B came to Canada, I knew that LC was coming and I thought I'd hear from her before she arrived but somehow she didn't contact me and I had to find out online about that, and I somehow got her number and contacted her *ok I called all the marriot hotels in Toronto and eventually found out where she was.....I know*!, and we decided to meet up. They w ere staying at the Marriot on Yonge street but it was easier getting to their place from Church street. Anyways LC made a comment about howToronto was so gay from the search engines at the cyber cafe to all the gay signs they were seeing on the streets. This happened at a time when Church Street was still gay central, the funny thing is after she made the observation and I explained to her where she was we saw a drag queen and I pointed him out and I don't think B was so happy about that....(OmoIbadan, do you remember that incidence?)
Anyways that night we dropped LC off at the bus station, and we went to dinner with B, and my friend that drove us to dinner was getting to know B better, and he asked her where she knew us from and she was all like it was our first time meeting...Ever since then anytime my best friend meets a Nigerian he tells them the story of how I pick up strangers at the bus station! That was a fun night, we called up a radio station and made a shout out to B!!! I love summer.... I really do.

On the weekend, I saw Borat with my father! It was weird, we were supposed to see it on friday, I had tickets, but he wasn't ready, so I took the tickets back, then saturday I had VIP tickets and he decided he didn't want it. Then sunday, I don't remember what happened but we didnt' catch it that day either. Then monday comes along I'd given up on seeing the movie with my dad and he calls me to join him 2 minutes the b4 the movie was to start. Sha we got to the theatre and we had to catch the last show at 10pm, giving us like 30 minutes of "talk time". Uhm, I should add that talking to my dad is like talking to a future me, we think alike and well we caught up on life...Weird I know. Well anyways my father wanted to see Borat badly and we did see it but if you haven't seen Borat you wouldn't understand. There was a scene where two naked men were fighting, one being a 400 pound man, they were in all sex positions you can imagine, and like things couldn't get any worse, they did the 69 and me being me, I started claughing *its this thing I do when I clap and laugh, its disgusting I hate it, but I do it* and my dad gave me that look of "uhn????". Yeah.........on a weird scale of 1-10, I'd say 8, things could be worse.

I remember the days....


Joel said...
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Naijadude said...

Hey Mamarita!!!!!!!!!!

I love your "dance with my father" version, its so ncie I wish I could have that kinda relationship with my father!
Did you get your car yet? I love me some Cr-V though...I am still waiting on that car.

Your offer to read "Purpose driven Life" with me is still mega-open. I am waiting on yah oh!!!