Heads you'll live, Tails you'll lie

I hate myself sometimes, when am angry and I need to vent that is when my mouth closes and my mind races a gazillion paces. Today is one of those days, its barely noon and yet the son of eve child of perdition is already tempting yours truly. I rebuke you with the blood of Jesus you evil spirit that is trying to get me angry. SHIO *main while I don curse the future generations of this man in my mind, killed him a billion brutal ways, but emmmmmm.*
So I haven't slept in two days, its essay handing in time, I've had papers due every day of the week, but I digress. So today, I sent out final group work for approval, decided to take a shower and dash to the bank *first of the month you know how it is*. Cut to me getting to the bank,
side story: Since the week we moved to Canada I've had one active bank account, and that is with TD Canada Trust at that time they were still Canada Trust, my folks them bank with them, mortgage, plus insurance, plus business everything is with Canada Trust. I'm the only constant person in my house, infact there was a time that I was the one that would hand my father his bank card and tell him what his password was before he withdrew money from the account, I pay everyone's bills from my mum's bank card and I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, hassle free.

So you can imagine my surprise when I with my groggy self went to the bank to pay my mother's property taxes that were due today, and the first thing the man would ask me was if that was my account. On a good day am a great liar, I'd have said Yes and even proved it, but I was being honest, so I said NO. Home boy now said he couldn't send the money through. Are you mad? The funny thing about the tax thingy is that I paid last month's and the stamp was still there so why was this tie wearing wannabe getting on my case. Sha I was being decent, I asked him to get his manager, who told me that it was wrong for my parents to let me in on their password and stuff
*am sorry no one trusts you enough to leave a dead goat with you*
Anyways I took it like a big girl, can I pay Visa bill from the account NO! Ah ok, I brought out my cheques asked the kind man to pay it in, next thing I know he's telling me he has to go and see his boss. Now they want to verify my father's signature....UHM
My father has been giving me cheques for as long as I can remember, if the idiot looked into the account he would have seen, my cranky self went off....
"what the bleep do you mean you have to verify the signature, can't you see that I get cheques monthly"
Then homeboy tries to cut me off, and I shooed him like I do 4 year olds, and then he has the balls to tell me that it is a professional environment and I should conduct myself properly.....The wires in my head were slowly cutting themselves and I was so ready to tear off this punk ass who's a product of a leaking condom, horrendous waste of air, and some peace just came to me, and rather than slap his face and remind him that his job as customer service rep was to smile, nod, punch numbers in and people spat at him to thank them for treating him like he was half human. I mean we've all done customer service, we all know that the customer yells you take it like a big boy you don't tell them off. YOU NEVER TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS OFF!!!!! They are right you are wrong and you should thank them for the opportunity to be wrong and a nuisance....SHIO

Anyways I told the man to give me back my cheques, I'll go to a different branch to do my deposits, because the man insulted me, his boss insulted me, they indirectly, *without words* told me I was a thief, a fraudster and thus everything I do must be double checked and that hurt me bad, worse than the time I stapled my whitlowed finger by accident. And I hope they jointly take a fake cheque and have to account for it! Shio

In retrospect, people that I know from the bank that have seen me depositing cheques monthly suddenly forgot what my face looks like and didn't see it fit to say hello to me, I hope their fingers freeze in the winter cold and they all get frost bite, not the severe one of course *am not evil* And like things weren't bad enough the wind outside is crazy, I had my huge dunlop umbrella with me and I swear I almost ran into traffic trying to hold on to the umbrella. LIFE SHA


Naijadude said...

Ah! The comment I have is...LOVELY TEMPLATE...Good job for you there oh!

Kilode? Why u curse dem TD ppl now? White ppl na today? I will never be disappointed with their behaviours...Neways hun, just be good eh!

Have a blessed week

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmao... first of all.. LUV LUV LUV THE NEW BLOG OUTLOOK! heya.. i can imagine how pissed you are.. lol and i thought i was the only one with bad mouth.. babe you have finished all their generations self with your insult.. hehe... Have a great week luv and hopefuly td steps up their game for you next time( i use em too)