The-o, The-o, Daylight gone and me want some pho:)

One of the dearest people to me is Theo. (Teofilus not Te-o like the french call it I hate that they call him te-o). I have so much history with Teo I don't where to begin. The first time I met him was at church, at a meeting, now how did I know he'd be in my life forever??? I couldn't possibly tell, I remember the moment I realized he wasn't "normal". We were having Youth Mass, and they were trying to get the choir together, and Teo just went to one of the microphones, with his torque on, looking like Enrique Iglesias and the mic was on, and sang "would you dance if I asked you to dance". The Hullaballo died down and everyone just starred at this "reverend" asking the same question. What the???????????/ And then we all fell in love with him.

Theo and I have been together for so long, sometimes he creates a language and I understand every word of his jibberish, I know its weird and am crazy like that but Teo is just dear to me, and I know I don't tell him as much as I should that he's one of my favorite "toys" but I know he knows and thats why I don't bother.
He is such a character, he has the weirdest stories, the most fabulous lines, and he is just an accessory to have around you when life gives you lemons, he squeezes out the juice and somehow gets the ingredients to create a fabulous margarita! Thats my Teo.

* I remember the night I met L.C., she was with her friend Biola, Teo picked us up from the bus station after we dropped off L.C. and you know we had dinner with Biola who I was meeting for the first time, he had to ask how we met, and she was like, "Am meeting them for the first time". Till this day, every time Teo meets a Nigerian friend of mine (I don't have a lot in Canada) he claims I picked the person up from the Bus station.
He makes up the funniest stories
* I remember the time in Germany, I told Teo all year that I was going with his "little group" to Germany. Anyways time comes to register for WYD I find out am late and I have to contact Micheal!!!!!! Micheal and I have history, we drank wine together and have shared "moments" *won't go there*. Anyways Micheal after all we've been through did not know my REAL NAME!
So all my emails freaking out about registering me was ignored, so I freaked out on Teo, he called people and in moments, emails were sent and I was registered for WYD in Germany. I had to buy my plane tickets and all that cool stuff. Anyways, time comes we are all on the same flight to London (Teo and his group and I) We make it to London, I'm talking to all these boys who have heard stories about me, that I can't begin to phantom (thats my Teo, he has stories, stories, stories). Anyways we get to London, Micheal hands out tickets, we're at Waterloo. Everyone leaves for Belgium en route Germany, and I had to wait an extra 3 hours cos am special. The plan was Teo and the boys would settle in at the "meeting point" in Aachen, and he would come back for me.
Anyways, I arrive Aachen, Germany, at 7:00pm, *their train arrived at 5* I looked around the train station, no Teo, so I go to the cyber cafe close by, printed out the address of our destination, took a cab there, I arrived at the "meeting point" in less than 5 minutes, No Teo, No Group. I settle in, register and decided to go out to see what was going on, I sight the group making their way to the meeting point, and am welcoming them. Of course they were shocked, they walked, I cabbed. They didn't believe me, Teo started his own version of the story which he still tells today...His version basically is that my father sent an helicopter for me in London and it brought me to Aachen, Germany. Somehow people believe his version of what happened than my logical one.

And then leaving Germany again, no one cared about me:), so I managed to get a first class train ticket back to Belgium en route London, an hour after the guys left, we were going to meet for drinks in London. Anyways, somehow I ended up in Belgium, the group got delayed by two chickens that went to fuck! And Teo made up the flying with a broom stick story assisted by Clara, and somehow people believe that story as opposed to me being in the right place at the right time. Thats because Teo is a good story teller.

I remember last Christmas, I spent it with Teo, everyone else was in Nigeria, he had a lot of marking to do, and I was there to help and I remember we heard "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclaire together at that time no one knew it, but it became our "Jamaican goodbye song". YUP Teo named it

Teo was once a teacher! He taught at an all boys Catholic school for two years, and I hope all the children under his "tutelage" are safe and out of mental institutions of sorts..... Theo got a laptop for his birthday, that was the day the world came crashing on the poor kids, he learnt to edit songs! So for detention, he recorded 700 mb of Whitney Houston screaming: "and I". I can imagine listening to "AND I" expecting ..will always love you, and that not coming. And there were his comebacks, oh my goodness......Gotta love the man, his kids had a lot of good things to say about him though, I remember we went to a party in Montreal, and people just kept coming up to him and saying hello....OUCH! I felt old to say the least

And Theo has this scream thing that he does when he likes/hates something, its so sudden I call it S.O.S. - Sudden Outburst Syndrome, its the missing link between a scream, a moan and a cry for help! Its fabulous.
I remember the good days, before he left, he lived across the street from me, he'd call at 1 in the morning on thursdays, we'd both listen to the electronica mix on 100.7fm, and he'd send a shout out to me, we'd clean our rooms and go out for pho and rice, we don't do that anymore, because he is like streets away from me, but am sure by next year we'll schedule time to go out and eat and catch up. Am thankful for the Korean place on Yonge street, all you can eat raw meat and rice. He likes his rice

My friend Teo is one of the dearest people to me, I can't remember what life was without him and am not sure I can see life without him. Sure sometimes I get fill of him and just "avoid" him for weeks but now am waiting by my phone hoping that he'll call, I know I wouldn't call cos he would probably be sleeping or dancing pretending to be studying pretending to be busy, because that is what Teo does.


Mphahlele said...

LOL I love this entry!!! Theo sounds amazing!!! sigh good friends are hard to come by!!!

Yellow Vespa Guy said...

Yeah, this Theo sounds like a swell person. At the same time he seems like he has some pyscho-emotional issues? Does give therapy sessions, I really need some help.

Chasing Daylight* said...

I love this entry - - by far its my favorite. Its hard not to love the two of you after spending three minutes together. As for therapy from would be interesting....

Chasing Daylight* said...

gah...I didn't read the above comments. Now it sounds repetitive.

Erm...its my favorite entry thus far...more to come, I'm sure!

Mamarita said...

Mphalele: Theo is amazing....HE IS
Yellow Vespa Guy: Theo is perfect just the way he is, if you need some therapy sessions, call me:)
Joann: You totally skipped MY AFFAIR WITH MATTHEW, I wrote the first half thinking for you.....:)

Chasing Daylight* said...

No no...I read me, it was riveting and effective! I wasn't sure if I should comment on it..heh..

Omo Ibadan said... and Theo have some mad chemistry going on...from what I remember (winkss).Lol at you picking up Nigerians at the bus station...time flies so much mamarita, i still remember that day like it was yesterday...but in reality it's over 3 yrs now. Time really does..Happy new yr in arrears

Anonymous said...

pssssssssssssst its KAT
you know YOU love me and cant stay MAD!! i LOVE you and MISS YOU!