The slime that men do

If you've ever had your heart broken, by a MAN, been dumped at a low point in your life when you needed someone to care, wanted to stand from Olumo Rock, naked under the pouring rain with a rusty sword, cursing at generations of a man who has hurt you.
If at one point in your life, you have tried to kill yourself because you've given all the love you've got to a man and he has thrown it all away and you have nothing left. If you have ever said out loud "He hurt me bad, and I wish he'd die". There's a book for you.
Its a compilation of true stories about women who have been hurt one time or another, I read two of the stories and am still in pain, got me saying Thank God, the bastard result of a leaking condom, utter waste of useless clay showed his true color and we no longer talk.

One of the women dated her "fiancee" for 6 YEARS as of 2001, had a 3 yr old kid with him and then they decided they'd get married, the lived in Toronto but went to Chatham, ON (3 hrs from Toronto)where the lady's parents for the wedding. Sha the story in brief is sha that, the man had married another woman in 1997 and they have an 8 month kid together, he went AWOL on the after noon of the wedding, and they found his car at the train station with a note, that he couldn't marry her and he'd told everyone from his side that the wedding was off......Can you imagine!!!!! WOW

The other story, I read. The woman was married for 23 years, one day she checks her email and her husband tells her the marriage is over and he'll come for his things soon! Can you imagine.......She said she cried for a day and sent his things to his mothers house the next day. OH MY GOD

That brought back memories of things that women go through with some men. I remember one friend of mine, this guy chased her for like forever, she was 18 at the time if I remember correctly or maybe 17, well the guy promised heaven and earth, he'd pick her up from my place, take her to his and she'd come back with stories of how he wanted to marry her, call her princess and all. Finally they did "it"...*lol* and that was it. She'd call all his eleventeen numbers he'd not pick up, like damn. That went away, she's moved on from that, she's been through loads. I remember some guy that wanted to get with her, talking about how when she was raped, she was just trying to get attention. Like what the fucking fuck?!

I remember another girl like that, kind hearted girl, dated one ballless mo'fucker like that, they started dating, guy had no job, was in school, she'd give him money and all, I understand he was broke and all. She bought him loads, gave him her time, her love, et la. Homeboy ruined her credit, she started working two jobs trying to pay debts incurred by boy o, her mother met the guy prayed for them would leave her car for them to do whatever, all that and the only way he could pay her back was to tell her to get the fuck out of his life. Like seriously. I mean she walks into his house there's a girl on his lap and they're doing the ish and the girl was standing there reminding him who she was. I mean it wasn't like they fought or nothing, he just was tired of her....I mean REALLLYYYY

I guess I haven't seen anything, one of my favorite ladies, I am not happy with some of her choices but am still very proud of her. Her story, she married her first boyfriend, had two kids with him him when one day, home boy packed his things and moved in with another lady for a couple of years. They didn't fight or nothing he just felt he had to be with another woman, didn't care about the children, nothing. And then walked back into their lives one day, just like that........

Three years ago or something, I was walking home from School *yonge street chronicles*, some lady stops beside me at the stop sign, I smiled at her, and she asks me: "Don't you think its funny when your husband leaves you for a bunch of lesbians and he discovers they're transvestites." Naturally I laughed because I thought it was a joke, but by the time I walked past her analyzed the way she was dressed I realized she probably was talking about herself.

I know tons of stories of women who have had their hearts broken by men and some of them have done extreme things to move on. The way I deal with pain is to think of other people's problems and remind myself that I don't have it that bad. My husband-to-be never walked off a few hours before our wedding, my husband never left me and his kids for 8 yrs to be with some woman, I never ruined my credit because a man, I don't think I've done the ice-cream thing or even stayed in pjs for days crying that some guy would come back to me, but people have been through that, and to them who think they have it bad read
The slime that men do its a really good book for people who've ever thought their ex-boyfriend was sent by the devil.


TaureanMinx said...

I don't think I'd like to read that. I would just be more jaded than I already am lol. Nice bolg.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

OH crap fuck.. I mean i can't stand any of my ex's.. lol.. but none of them have been that bad.. at least not that I know.. actualy one of them had been married and never told me(thank God I never fucked the fucker and found out b4 it was too late.. Naija bastard).. lol.. abeg let me not take up too much space yarning my dust!!! oh i'd look to check that book out... but I don't even want to get pissed at guys right now jare..

Calabar Gal said...

I'm going looking for the book right now. Some men are really horrible. Each and every one seems to have one motive or the other for chasing a babe and not cos they genuinely like her. *SIGH* Gone are the good old days when love was the reason. Now, more often that not, its cos they want nookie or money or fame or something......... the list is endless!!!

laspapi said...

Nice postings, mamarita. Took my time to read all you had on the page.

"The slime that men do"...I've been guilty of quite a bit, I'm afraid. I haven't walked away from anyone at the alter but I've done more than my fair share of walking away from just about anything. Its the "Attention Deficit Disorder" you wrote about, I think.

I don't mean to be flippant but sometimes I think a man "just wants to take a chance at life again" (apologies to Dido and her song "Hunter"), women on the other hand are more likely to want to nest.

I'm not making excuses for disloyalty. I'm just saying.

By the way, women have walked away from me too, but that was a while back before I learnt to "do unto the other fella what he'd like to do to you, and do it fust". There are very bad women too, mamarita. Women who would leave you for dead if you let them. I've met them.

Ayankemi said...

i have just read all your post in a few mins and i have to admit you are one of the people with really different take on life. You seem like one who enjoys her operas and is in love with languages well good for you. The slime that men do will go on for ever and i realy dont want to read the book cos i'll just get into another cycle of feeling sorry for myself(been a victim)!! Hope to be a regular reader here cos i like your quirkyness(no offence)

Ms Jade said...

Nice blog....guys....i reserve my comments