So its almost the beginning of a new week and well what can I say this week went absolutely well, am happy indeed, the week pleased me beyond recognition. I finished two books by Laurel Hamilton in the past week, and all I can say is that the woman is AMAZING. I first discovered her in my first year at College, my friend was reading her Anita Blake series, and she was hooked on it like it was crack. So you know I went into the store, and I saw a new book that wasn't part of her Anita Blake series, they're about Meredith Gentry and I read the first book, waited 6 months for the second book, then stopped reading her for about 2 years, then picked up the third book because it was hard cover and on sale for like 4 dollars, and as soon as I finished the third book I ran into Indigo and bought the 4th book, I needed to feed on the story and I finished all 385 pages in 2 days. School suffered, work suffered, life suffered but am glad that part is over now.....I don't regret Meredith's life for a day but I should have stuck to reading a chapter a day.

Well, the highlight of my day was thursday. I'm in one of those elective classes where all my team mates have known each other since the day they started school, boo urns! Anyways, so am like the odd one out, which isn't too bad except that everytime we meet and we are discussing, they talk I listen (obviously) and when something has been agreed upon like what assignment to do, one of them makes it a duty to explain everything they've decided to do to me, s-l-o-w-l-y! I don't know wat to do its the third week and I find it amusing. I mean they've heard me speak, I sound like one of them save for the repetitive use of the word "like" and my sentences sounding like questions but you get the point. I guess I can't be one of them...even if I tried.

Anyways, after classes on thursday, I met up with Lisa, after like 3 years or so...fine I bump into Lisa once in 6 months, we were in 1st yr ITM together and she decided she didn't like the course anymore so she dropped it. Anyways we met for coffee and we're basically catching up and suddenly she remembers the "prostitute" she saw in one of her classes. I was like wow! They bring professionals into your sociology classes thats good...... But Lisa's like
"No Mary, it was a real prostitute, she had on skin tight leopard skin pants, and a backless top and all I could see was her purple bra, and she had one of thos calf length hooker heel boots and Mary...mary listen, she had on a prostitute fur jacket, that covered up to her breasts and the rest was just silk....."
I almost fell on the floor laughing
*the joke from my perspective is that well, she didn't see a hooker just a badly dressed student*

I like hanging out with Lisa, I remember her from Grade 11, we took drama together, fun times, she just absolutely rocks, she beats me in the hair section, everyone I know loves being blond but not my Lisa, she's a natural blond and I've seen her in every other color but blond. She once died her hair PINK PINK. She got me into Laurel Hamilton, she is one of those friends that I wouldn't talk to for months and years and I'd talk to her and it'd feel like I've been in touch with her for all those times that I'd not.

So I left Lisa, on my way I run into Liz. I haven't seen Liz since our final exam in OAC. We took accounting together, and we always yelled at each other, only out of love obviously. See when I first got into school, everyone was so nice and so fake, they never said what they really felt and awkwardness was the fresh air. By the time I graduated my "friends" and I could make jokes about ourselves and laugh it off, and curse each other off just for the fun of it. Liz was real cool, but I hadn't seen her since I left high school, so obviously we had catching up to do, you know who's married who's pregnant, how life sucks and Liz just looked totally matured and I'm proud of her, she's come a long way from the girl that had brown hair and wanted more, always dressed in black to this lady who was free and happy and just enjoyed life for what it was. Anyways, we talked for a while, she was late for her class and I headed to the crepe place on Queen street to meet the "forkers" for a mini-reunion.
I was sad Tania couldn't be there, and all the girls were there, including Denise W. Denise, I'll never forget, she's the epitome of cool. She takes cool to a whole new dimension, when we were in school Denise is what you could call a "godmother". She knew everything and everywhere, I remember her sister Debra was at our school as well, and when I first got there and we joined the African Carribean students association, she was nice to us, showed us around would stop us on the hallway to say hello. You know and she was like in her last year, cool as a cat, I thought that was wonderful. And then Denise was the one that took over my campaign when I ran for grad council treasurer, and I WON! She was running for President of Student Council as well at that time and she took time out to help me and even after I got in, she would advice me on how to get scholarships and stuff. So last summer when I saw her at Loblaws, it would be understandable that I ran out of the car and chased after her to say hello *after over 3 years* and invite her to my birthday party. She was there and since that time, I've seen her everywhere....COOL

Anyway, with everyone else, *save for Z that I see in church* we just don't get to see each other or make time for them, like we see each other on MSN and never say Hi and when we'd run into each other we'd lament about how we don't meet up often and should but don't. Yes thats what Canada does to you, it makes you stay home and wish to want to hang out with your friends.

So we had crepes, laughed, danced, whatever...and then we decided to go for drinks....OBVIOUSLY, we crossed over, I saw a chick smoking in front of Second Cup, I looked closer and she looked familiar, she starred back and I screamed....Thursday was my official reunion friday. It was Helen Mitchell....One of the greatest minds of our time, after Denise.

Helen Mitchell, was in my English Lit class in OAC, with Constancia, we were tight for a while, I was bad in the sense that I usually came in late to class just in time for Mr McGarry *our English teacher* to take home room attendance and send it down, he was always late with the attendance. I used to wait for Helen to mark her in and then take attendance down. She was always later than I was ...... and she usually leaves class right after attendance to eat or And she passed with 90s! I saw Helen once after graduation, she goes to U of T *hiss* and she wants to teach, she wanted to be a journalist she was willing to give her soul for Journalism and she just suddenly stopped writing. Helen WAS a good writer, she wrote about her boyfriend one time on a rough piece of paper. I had goose bumps.

Thursday was a lot of fun and I like the company of my friends and I wish we'd make more time for each other.......Canada EH!


laspapi said...

Very nice post, Mamarita. Maybe someday you'll explain to me what you mean by "Life as a HOUSE".

laspapi said...

which one are you in the pictures? you didn't label 'em.