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I have kept quiet for way too long but this issue has been bugging me for way too long. Women and heels. It is not by force to wear heels, I mean they're sexy and all, Lola once referred to heels as "two and a half inches of irresistible tubular sex", if that is so, why oh why do people still go about dragging their feet and slouching with heels. Its not sexy, its not appealing, its annoying and sloppy.

It bugs me, it makes me want to hit my head on the wall, that people take such fine instruments of sexiness and reduce them to uncomfortable foot covers. I actually do hear the dragging of shoes on the floor as opposed to the majestic click that one should hear and it makes me want to SCREAM OUT LOUD, pull out my hair and things.I once asked someone why they were dragging their feet in their heels, they responded that the shoes were heavy and uncomfortable. Why the hell would you buy something that is "heavy"? I understand the discomfort part, there's a cure for them, its called shoe pads and if you're into wearing tight shoes, you're probably used to the tight discomfort. And whoever said sexy = comfort anyways, its not comfortably bearing half your breasts, or wearing a tight short dress so why would sexy heels bring comfort?

And slouching with heels is just not attractive, I do not own too many pairs of shoes, at least not as much as I would want to own, but before I go out in my new heels, I break them in, I wear them and clean up my house, vacuum the floors, take out the garbage, sometimes I cook, dance, you know the basic things you do in your shoes, but most importantly I listen to my heels, if I'm shuffling too much I take the shoes back, if I get a clickity click then the babies are keepers. People tell me they don't feel comfortable in heels, if heels were meant to be comfortable we'd all walk sloppily. You think its easy to strut across a room with music in your head imagining flashing cameras? Heck no! But it is sexy, it is uncomfortable and it makes everyone see you as an object on display, not for touch but for sheer visual pleasure.

So ladies, if your heels don't click, and your backs do not straighten up when you walk in heels or you feel like you're going to fall, that you're not balanced on your heels, and thus portray that in your walk, look in a full mirror, walk towards it and away from it, do you look silly? If you do take off the heels try another pair, try a different pair, and if you are new to heels, start with kitty heels and platforms then slowly work your way up to spike heels, the world won't hate you for it, they'll probably never know about your progress but at least they'll find some sort of pleasure in seeing you walk :)

Its almost my favorite time of the liturgical year. PASSION WEEK...Tralalalala. It starts off with palm sunday which am going to miss *boo-urns*, and then holy thursday- the mass where the washing of the feet is done. I remember my "good friend" has this joke about the blessing of the oils (catechumen, annointing of the sick and confirmation). They carry the oils forward for blessing, as one person lifts the oil above their heads the reader reads the description of the oil. But people hardly ever listen so my friend thought it would be funny to bring up preparation H.
Anyways, I love the good friday mass at 3pm. It brings back memories of my alter serving days. The church would be silent and all the alter servers from all the masses would file in to the "runway" of the church, and kneel, the priests would lie on the ground, and every time I've seen that happen, I feel a "presence" in the room, an heightened sense of spirituality if you will, and I enjoy the service.
Cut to evening, when Pedro performs the mime of the passion of Christ. I've seen that passion for like 6 years now I think, I each time I watch the performance, its like I'm seeing it for the first time and I find myself crying after Jesus dies. I'll try to take pictures on friday, but Pedro (he plays Jesus) looks like the popular picture of Jesus that you see. You know the brown hair dropping to his shoulders, the beard, mustache and all, fabulous.
And on saturday, known as dark saturday, no masses are celebrated, I believe there's confession somewhere there, I'm not sure I remember, but then at midnight, Easter Sunday mass is celebrated. I love the midnight mass, everyone that I haven't seen all year usually attends that one mass, and the best part of the mass for me, is not the lighting of the candle that is so systemically planned, or the act that leads to the beginning of the mass, or the 1 o clock choir singing the canticle of the saints *which I really do enjoy*, or the break during mass, I enjoy the mass because I get to see all my friends from way back when, for some reason I find that Catholics fulfill their holy days of obligations by attending the easter midnight mass. I can't wait for the week ahead.....

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lerieluvlie said...

actually darling, i am a heels lover as well, theres just something about wearing heels that automatically exudes sex appeal, ur forced to arch your back for example and also walk or at least try to walk in a straight line, but ur right in that is not by force, I for one wear heels all the time but i can walk very well in mine, and there are shoes out there that i wouldnt be able to walk in, so i just dont buy them...............i went to mass for palm sunday, i cant wait for the weekend either, i think i willl make it a food feast and reserve the partying for another time