I didn't sleep last night, I was up till 4 watching COUPLING season 4 and didn't see why I had to sleep for two hours before heading to church so I didn't sleep at all.

And weirdly I'm not feeling overly sleepy. UHM....

So today, Glen walks into Lynch hall and proclaims I LOST THE GAME! Now you might be thinking, what the $@$%T#$%^@%@? Oh yeah I did too, till I got the premise of the game. Apparently everyone is in on this certain game and every time you remember the game you lose the game until you remember again then you have to scream out loud I LOST THE GAME. Ok it still doesn't make sense, but am fascinated by it, and this is how I understand it.

10 friends get together, the loud one goes; "OY B lets play a game" and everyone's pissed drunk right, and then they're giggling, reaking of vodka and tabasco sauce, mascara running down some of their faces, hair all flat from the heat, and they go "sure let's play". And the loud ones tells them the rule:
" The point of the game is to forget that you are playing the game and the moment you remember the game, you've lost the game and must thus exclaim out loud I LOST THE GAME, making everyone around you remember that they're in the game, thus loosing the game".
And everyone giggles, at first they find they're loosing their buzz and all that information is too much and they find themselves yelling I LOST THE GAME, and giggling. Come the next day, suffering from the supposed worst hang over ever, they don't remember a thing about the gathering, and they're hoping they didn't make asses of themselves the night. A few days pass, no one talks of "the game" and suddenly, short term memory meets alcohol/might be a dream memory and unsuspecting listeners only hear I THINK I LOST THE GAME??? And they all get so angry with the recovered drunk and there you have the game.

I only hope I haven't ruined it for everyone :)

Life as a cab driver

Have you ever thought about being a cab driver, I mean like woah, imagine the things you'll see, hear, those people do a lot of work, not just driving around. So they pick up a client, and their very first prayer is that the passenger isn't a serial killer, wouldn't run away with their money, puke in their car and would at least have an address.
And then the first prayer is answered, the idiot didn't yell FOLLOW THEIR CAR, now the cabbie must decide, should I mind my own business or make conversation.....If I do I might get a tip, if I don't I might not get one. And then you start to talk and you pray to God that the person doesn't find you repulsive.
On the other hand, the passenger might shut you up, and then secretly you thank God.
Now you pray that there is no traffic, lets face it, the cabbies don't make the traffic, but the passengers always think its their fault that they're stuck in traffic, no one sends people to "taxi driving school" or nothing like that, I sometimes wonder how some of them get their licenses but eh.....I don't know if I care:)
And then they've tackled the driving, they've tackled the dead air/conversation, and then they get to the destination and they want to crap in their pants, is this person going to pay me, or are they going to kill me.....

I guess I should say I might understand cab drivers more now, they're the worst drivers in the history of driving, they have no regard whatsoever for the rules of the road, and I've seen them be close enough to causing accidents with their radical driving, abrupt U-turns, rough cuts and what have you, but I guess its part of the job, if they leave their houses every morning not knowing if they'll come back home in one piece:(


Calabar Gal said...

No you havent ruined it. I sleep about 4hours only nowadays and I've found out that a quick nap during the day even if its only 30minutes uusually removes all atoms of sleepyness from my eyes.

Cab Drivers - Soemtimes I envy them. Not being stuck in trafic anywhere but the rate at which they make U-turns and swerve and stop to pick up passengers is appalling. As for picking up muderers and stuff, its just one of the hazards of their job that they have to cope with.

Uzo said...

OOOH I miss coupling...Such a good show

Mamarita said...

Calabar Gal; I'm sorry I need at least 8 hours of sleep, I'd rather not sleep at all than get 4 hours of sleep.

Uzo; I know right

Anonymous said...

Put into perspective that there are many Nigerians that are Cab drivers.......and guess what they have families who are part of the people who blog with u........