I totally believe that having a brain is no longer a prerequisite for jobs these days, trust me picking at your scabs does take a tad bit of brain activity but in my Canada, you don't need a brain, just bullshit right, fuck the right person and suddenly you have a great job with benefits.
Exhibit A:
My resume fully states that I am in College, and some nitwit tells me that the job which is being offered requires a high school graduate, if I didn't finish high school, or have some form of high school finishing diploma, how the fuck would I have gotten into college?! SHITTTTTT

Exhibit B:
Am at the chicken place, I get the eight piece, I tell the man, half spicy half recipe, because my friends don't do spicy. So Mr. Chicken seller man, gives me 8 piece chicken, in the same box, no way to distinguish the chicken but by smelling, and I always thought half of 8 was 4, but apparently, its 6 and 2:) Then again I expect too much from people

Exhibit C;
I'm at FedEx, I explain my situation stating that I've never used FedEx to send anything before, and the next question I get is, DO YOU HAVE A FEDEX account. How are you supposed to have an account if you've never used the service before. I can't have a costco card if I've never been to Costco. SHYT! shitter than shit! So fucked up, I want to fucking puke, and today wasn't even a good day..... Too many brainless people to continue, I got to a point where all I did was smile to save from yelling

I always wondered, are we to blame for the irresponsibility of cab drivers? I'm getting obsessed with cabbies and I don't even know why. I mean seriously, is it really the cabbie's fault when a drunk mofo pulls him over at one of busiest intersections, its an opportunity to make money and well, when I'm doing my job screwing my boss for a raise, sure his wife might be pissed but its all for the greater good you know what I mean. (p.s. its wrong to screw your married boss for a raise....unless of course he's married to you, then its all GOOD)

Oh my God, so before I saw Grey's I'd heard too much about it, Abi had called my mobile unceasingly to find out what I thought on the topic and well, I was expecting too much from the show emotionally, but I will be honest, I shed a tear at the end of Ugly Betty and I was just in shock at the end of Grey's. Why the fuck didn't burke and yang get married? Oh my freaking goodness, they're perfect together, she loves him in her own way, he gets that and he understands that he is supposed to do all the "love" work, but she doesn't ask too much of him, and they're a team, you know, and just because she said "I THINK" he walks off....Does that mean there's no such thing as the perfect man, you know the mess of a man who's screwed up but that you so completely get? AIYE! I'm so full of emotions, I could cry, if I had the energy, but I'm saving the tears for .....something.
And everyone suddenly hates izzie, I don't know, I'm indifferent to her existence, so she loves George, and George is married, and she keeps breathing down his nose, I guess thats what love is supposed to do to you, if you choose a person and you find yourself looking elsewhere, maybe you got married for the wrong reasons.

I feel a lot better. I can't wait till Monday night, HEROES SEASON FINALE....Trala lalalalalala ladida!


Lola said...

helloya mamarita!!!
of course, it's like u just started living in canada today!!! that's why i always tell people even though i love canada (it's beautiful and all) but if u need to make money get ya ass to the U.S of A. me, i need a capitalist system whereby u want a job, i have a job offer, as long as you can make it happen i don't care if all u got is a GED! in america, u can have no fingers, half a leg, alzheimers, and speak little english, and you'll be at MacDonalds like..."yeeeeeeeeees, how may i help you?" LOL.

kaaaaaaaaaaaaaat said...

greys anatomy
theres NOTHING to say,
i don't like izzie..grr home wrecker.. gaaaaaaaaaah!!

Mamarita said...

Lola; I know right, I just have this hatred for America I don't even know where it came from or when it started....HA!

Uzo said...

LOL....Do not leak the details of the heroes season finale please...LOL

Naijadude said...

mehn sweetie...I feel you on that Grey's eh! Ugly Betty got me sad yet they gave me crap on grey's I was so mad, I was boiling with anger! U can tell now hahahah
What could have happened to Bailey??

Pink-satin said...

izzie is so inconsequintial to d whole show...i dont care abt her....burke dissapointed me o..seriously

Mamarita said...

Uzo: I LOVED THE END OF HEROES! I have a HUGE question mark somewhere in my head.
Naijadude: You were all of the catalysts that left me saying "thats it?"
Pink Satin: I don't know they changed izzie's character this season, like COMPLETELY. Ever since the death of Danny, she's been .......... She'll be back in September and either Burke or O'Malley will be missing and am PISSED!