Ok there's a movie out there and made me think about suicide yesterday, if the movie industry actually saw the movie, it would be banned for GOOD. I don't think I want to say the name of the movie, but I will say this, the acting was HORRIBLE. It takes me back to Kat's Debut back in 2003, we were lounging at my old apartment, I don't think we drank that day, and one of the guys (Gabby I think) decided that we should make a tape for Kat's debut. And so we did, you know being the geniuses that we were with a camcorder and lots of commercials that we found funny at the time and of course Theo in his directorial debut. We did the Bavaria girl stripping, the lost contact with a pinoy accent. And lots of other things I'm not sure I want to remember.
We had a blast, and our little tape with our amateurish act and camcorder would get an oscar nod if it ever got submitted with the movie that I saw. The story was so messed up I am not sure I can tell the story. Oh, so we thought Nigerian movies were bad with over acting, the actors of the said movie, don't know what acting is.

One scene I remember, the man saw a picture of a lady, and his wife was telling him who she was and he took the picture and said some lady was dead, and the lady goes after him LOOKS INTO THE CAMERA and is like "who is she" and the guy is like "Let me be woman" and she is walking behind him as he leaves the room, saying "why will you call the woman's name, you must tell me" and they are following each other...Please let me add that if 10 year olds were to read the script with no emotions whatsoever, they would probably have done a better job :) The movie was BAD. I prayed that it would end, and it never did!

I watched part 2, and what I think happened was that a young Ghanian lady bought a baby from the black market at 22 to keep a man and then she moved to Canada so she wouldn't be heard of again and the guy she tried to keep turned out to be the father of the girl that she bought. They stole the baby at the hospital from this 17 year old girl who somehow ended up in Canada as well.
So the stolen baby is all grown up, she lives in Canada and somehow ends up in Ghana, (am guessing somewhere in part 1 the girl might have figured out that her parents weren't her biological parents, but what the writer forgot is that, the father is the father, the mother is fake, and how can a man deny one woman just to marry another woman who he wanted to be pregnant!!) While in "Ghana" she's at a house party, meets a guy who takes her mom to his mother or something, sha the boy's mum was at the hospital the day the girl was born, they were in the same ward. (apparently at birth you can tell what a girl would look like even when she's wrapped in a blanket and you're screaming in pain. Now we know that the boy and the girl are agemates right, the boy is 14, and somehow the boy and girl sneak into the hospital to steal birth papers of the boy...Why? HEAVEN KNOWS.)
The mother that bought the baby at 22, shows up a girl's house, *I guess it would be a good time to say Joann is the girl that had a baby at 17 and got kicked out of school and somehow ended up in Canada* So the mother is at Joann's house asking her to leave her daughter alone and then Joann packs her things and is about to run away, when somehow the daughter calls the father to let him know that Joann didn't die and somehow he knew where she lived and went to her house to look for her just by checking the YELLOW PAGES!!!

Bad acting, more bad acting and somehow a stranger offers to take Joann to the airport and she gets kidnapped and then more talks with the mother, the 14 year old girl comes back home to her mother, ignores her *this girl is supposed to be 14* runs to her dad and tells her dad everything that's going on. *Remember though that the girl's dad already went to Joann's house before the daughter's return from Ghana*. Suddenly the girl is in the car with her friends, the father goes back to sleep, the mother is on the street exchanging money with d hoodlum that kidnapped Joann.
BAD ACTING, BAD ACTING. And then the mother ends up in her room writing a letter about how she bought a baby and came to Canada and she's sorry for all she's done and she's about to kill herself when a call comes in that the kidnappers have her daughter and Joann, then the mother makes her way out there and wants to shoot everybody.....UHM Then a gun shot goes off, and all we see is a woman squeezing tomato on her chest!!!! YES I SAID TOMATO. And thats all I remember, because my hair was done and I left HELL.

If you think my story telling is bad, try watching the movie, the actors didn't sound Ghanians and even the ones that did had that fake accent undertone going on. You know the one with the tongue twisted, teeth clenched, voice sounding like a one string guitar gone awefully bad. I know am not a movie director and there's a whole lot of hardwork involved with that, but truth be told somethings are just not worth it, like this movie, it wasn't worth all the hardwork that probably was put into it, unless none was put into it then it will all make sense....AHHHHH


Naijadude said...

Now I see the reason for your whining and wanting to pluck out your eyes.. going by your exquisite story telling, who is to say Yoruba movies aint the best?

Spook E said...

Nigerian movies make me want to pluck my eyes out too lol.

Spook E said...
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Ugo Daniels said...

Nice template!

Mamarita said...

Naijadude; I'm buying you all the dvd and we'll all watch it together, without alcohol or sweets :)

Spook E; Woah thats harsh, some naija movies aren't so bad, I've seen a couple like............ :)

Ugo D: thanks

Uzo said...

I love Nigerian movies oh...LOL...This one sounds especially bad though...