I found this while perambulating the internet trying to feign laziness. I remember the days when music videos were original, they made us laugh. I remember TRYBESMEN, I discovered them by mistake from Lola Abiodun's "hook up Nigerians". I remember eLDee was showcasing two shots and 2 ply was it, and they had a video like that, men at work, and they got majorly dissed cos they were wearing bubble vests in Naija, but that was the fashion back then, in the scourging hot sun we wore bubble vests cos we've gone to jand and seen them wear it like that. Anyhow, I don't remember how I discovered them and worth not, but I heard Plenty Nonsense and I was completely hooked, I wanted more, and my good friend Mrs O, sent me their cd, which I played until it scratched, burnt copies and played it some more.
I guess now is a time as good as any to say I WAS A TRYBESMEN groupie, they were good and I was sure to mention them to any one I met, in fact if I marry my "my first love" they have to play at my wedding even if it kills them, because I met him through them.
TRYBESMEN...They rock, here's to them getting back together.

Of which, I heard Plantashun boys are back together o, they even have a song sef
Say you believe me
. Its not all that, I'm just shocked that they 're back together I mean seriously, like after Faze cried his heart out in the bathtub, the other two get back with him, like dudeeeeee NOOOOOOOO. Sha am happy for them, and I wish them the best in all they do.

I have to say, the last Blogville Idol eliminations sucked o, haba, no one voted for my TLK, I mean he actually got eliminated like seriously, WHY????? The song was stellar, the performance was good, and he was sent away just like that. I'm totally boycotting Blogville Idols now o, I mean what is the point, TLK and Bobby have been voted off *sob*sob*. What is there to listen for, my flag is down, my spirit is low, I'm playing "the party's over" from one of my showtunes for my superstars. TLK FOR LIFE... and BOBBY ROCKS!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH

Am I the only one that hates the shuffle function on devices, I mean sure who send you message but sometimes you press buttons by mistake, you're walking home, listening to some upbeat music and you're like powerwalking right, and then the stupid music changes to something excruciatingly unwalkable to, like totally. So am listening to C Cho Ca Brule and am walking fast, and the song ends and the next song my stupid walkman plays is HURT by Johny Cash. I obviously love the song is why its in my walkman but mennnnnn, thought them mp3 players were supposed to have some sort intelligence...

I love Matt Dusk, I'm crazy about him, Matt is not the sort of man whose music you just enjoy and forget about, No no, no, Matt is not only sweet, his voice is amazing. I found out about Matt Dusk in 2004, I turned on my tv and I was doing something else but I heard
and I went out and bought the CD just like that. I have never seen Matt Dusk perform life, but I bet you I've seen every possible publication out there with his name somewhere in the context. I love Matt, the way he talks, his voice, the way he looks, the simpleness to him, the fact that he attended St Mike's choir school, his extremely mixed heritage, and I started going to his forums, and the man responds to his fans, and there are so many duskettes out there, old, young and even unborn kids. I have followed Matt's life, am not a stalker or nothing but I've "followed" him, and well, I guess I'm letting go of him now. Matt will always be a part of my life, when people make me cry, I will pop Matt in and he will sing my blues away, when I am happy and need to express the joy, Matt will be there for me, but Matt and I cannot be together, I need to let him go, sure he will always be in my heart, he just isn't the man in the shadows promising me forever X eternity :)

Lenny said to me on Saturday that I am talented and I should not suffocate my talent. Thank you Lenny, when I finish my "project" I will be doing a one line dedication to you, (most people will be getting honorable mentions) you've been one of my rocks, every time I've thought of giving up you've told me that I'm better than I think I am. I remember the days when you used to quote me to me, thanks buddy! God bless........

Torture method #245
Tie up your prey in a white room with surround sound and a BIG screen, and play the same episode of teletubbies for 24 hours straight. Don't forget to dope them up with lots of caffeine to keep them awake....MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


The Last King Of Scotland said...

fo sho!

Uzo said...

Off to check out matt dusk. I am horrified that my darling TLK was voted off and i have to say idols just doesnt have the same appeal to me anymore..*sigh*

Emm about the teletubbies thing? Cant abide them either but blieve it or not, my mom loves them and i have well gotten used to them. The baby in the sun still freaks me out....

Yellow Vespa Guy said...

already tried it. and it works.

try my 3 day brainwash method:

try playing kelly clarkson's song "because of you" for 24 hours.

followed by rihanna's "umbrella".

then finally to close the job, kylie minogue's "can't get you out of my head".

Naijadude said...

hmm TLK gone? nice to know I can have ur attention back....

Uzo..plz check out Matt Dusk, he grew on me. man, it wasnt even funny...lovely dude!

Afolabi said...

hi mamarita!! how u doin...I'll be in toronto on saturday(just for the whole day lol),do u mind if I meet u

Mamarita said...

LOL @ Last King, where is your next performance.
UZO, the baby kills me too, I mean seriously, you give us scary monsters and make them pretend to be cute and you ask the baby to be the sun and giggle. It has conspiracy theory all over it.
YellowVespaGuy: aka your royal darkness....Master of the torture chamber, the dark lord of detention. Welcome.
Naijadude: Theo is coming back on the weekend...tralalalalalaalala
Afolabi: watch for a "sign"

Uzezi said...

U sound interesting, mamarita. Tribesmen did well, but they won't come back together. too much bad blood has been created, especially between freestyle and eldee (have an ineteriew with Freestyle i published on my blog in february, where he made it clear eldee took too much of the credit.
as for the boiz from the plantasuin, i don't know if that stuff will work. the first single is too plantasuin boiz of the nineties, our music have moved forward. but forget about faze alone song. that aside, they all remain friends. went to pick up some of faze pix for a story and met 2face at his crib. they still drink together and all that, but they let their inner bitterness remain hidden. me thinks it is publicity stunt with all the news of anger.