It is Tuesday right? MAN! Time flies, just three days ago we were chilling at the Nigerian Reunion in Canada, which was a whole lotta fun by the way, Bobby was running all over the place on Friday, you know Planner extraordinaire and all, they did a lot of work and men I was ashamed to be Canadian. MENNNNNNNNNN! The event was set to start at 8, we waltzed in at 10 thinking we would miss the "red carpet" special, and there were like maybe 7-8 people in there, I felt so out of place, especially when I saw a lady in native, like kai who send me message. So we waited for over an hour, and even when the performance started the place was still well empty. The gist was that everyone was in VIP......
Sha, the performances started, Ash Thomas rocked the house, then Temilade...well, and then there was "Canadian Basket mouth", he was introduced as a comedian, and I know its hard to face people as a dancer, comedian, announcer whatever, so I urged him on. I mean his first joke was RAW, I had to explain it to everyone around me.
dude comes on stage saying he has HAIR stuck in his teeth and he had just finished eating. He said his wife said he must chop by force before he leaves home and so he did *Chew on that for a moment*

Anyhow, Madarocka came on, I am not into hip hop but the lady ROCKS!!!! And then Banky came on, and all the girls were all over him, the boy rocked the house, like totally, He missed a bulk of CAPABLE because I was outside meeting some Naija Ryders.
Then Ikechukwu came on, and damn....I love the man's energy, but I hate what he had to say about Canadians, I tried my best damnit, I can't stand hip hop but I cheered him on, and the boy's body was uhhhhweeeeeeeeee. I had thoughts of vodka on bare chest......uhm

So we started to dance o, the room was still somewhat half empty, cut to an hour later the place was packed! Ok not like sardine packed but like decently packed. Now you ask why was I ashamed to be Canadian? The fee was $85 per person and many people I called thought the price was too much? Ok at first I thought that, but the location was right downtown, opposite CN tower and Sky dome, what more could you ask for? Free non-alcoholic beverages, cute waitresses carrying around hors d'oeuvres and saturday's event was in the classy business district on bay street, you had the path under your feet, the TSX next door, I mean come on, 85 quid was nothing. And the bbq was badly attended, there were like 50 of us, I mean this people did major advertising. They had posters in places where every Nigerians visited - suya spot, the meat store, india africa, hair dressing salons....HAB, there was the online thing via facebook, I heard from Bobby T, but I did some major texting of my own. So why the turnout sucked....Well, I would like to know myself.

I was happy though, I spent the reunion with one of my classmates from my Air Force days that I hadn't seen in what 8 YEARS! I hooked up with her on facebook but it was good seeing her, and then we were at the picnic right, just chilling, waiting for suya, and am gisting with a friend I hadn't seen in months, and this girl comes up to me to say hello. I screamed like a little girl. I hadn't seen Rukkie in years, no word of her, nothing, although now that I think of it, her sister's in peg city, but it never occurred to me that she could be in my Ontario. That was icing on the cake for me.
And well, that was the reunion, of course I mentioned I met Bobby so yeah, am happy and girl it was a pleasure, when next you're in Toronto, we'll hang!

Ok, so on Thursday major bad things happened, I got a disheartening email about stuff that I did, got me freaking, and just then I got a phone call from a job interview telling me there could be trouble and everything else in my life was just crashing, MAJORLY. Anyways, I was so sad, if I hadn't lost my tear ducts I would have definitely cried, if I hadn't given up alcohol I would have drunk. I did smoke some cigars, and well, I should say SMOKING is not my thing.
I took a walk to buy smokes, and I looked out my balcony and it seemed like a good idea to you know, JUMP! AH! I won't say my life has been great but it has not been bad, and I just thought there was no hope for me. I logged on to JennyC's blog. I've known JennyC for a couple of years now, before she started the telephone ministry and all, she has always been a model Christian to me, so I went to her blog right away, and it was like she was speaking to me in that particular post . I quickly called God on his emergency line, told God to TAKE CONTROL, and I slept, woke up and I felt a whole lot better :)
Anyhow I thank God I got the job I was scared I wouldn't get, and everything else seems to be sorting itself out slowly but surely, and I know God is in control.

Uh this weekend is THE WEEKEND....TRALALALALA GAY PRIDE PARADE on Sunday, and I absolutely can't wait. My half naked men, total eye candy, crepes on the streets, DJs spinning electronica, cute rainbow flags what more could a girl ask for, oh yeah free CONDOMS and no traffic on Yonge street. You know they don't even close down Yonge street during Caribana, but they do for pride parade. Sometimes that could be frustrating, I remember my mum's 50th birthday, major blockage cos we live just off Church and Bloor, and well, getting out of the house was sickish and getting around downtown was even worse, it was the one time I hated PRIDE PARADE but am so feeling it right now.

Ok tell me am not the only one that has noticed the new trend of people having kids before getting married. I don't know, me personally I don't think I could have kids with a man without marrying him, the way I see it, sure accidents happen but if we are on the route to happily ever after anyway and you plan to stay with me, it won't be a totally bad idea if we drive up to the courthouse one day and get hitched. I'm just saying. And if you're not sure a man is for you and you are carrying his baby....IDEA IS NEED.

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Lady A said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you at a nice time at the event, and it's nothing like reuniting with love ones. Happy readings!