• I confess that some days, I miss H.U.N., I met many a great people on that site, I mean its still up there and all, but it is not like the old days, you know, people had intellectually stimulating conversations many times about nothing. I remember when JennyC came up with her confessions, and she would confess in codes and KonstipatedL and myself would try to decipher what she was trying to say. Ah the good days. (This is what inspired my confessions by the way)
  • I confess Its been almost a month since I last spoke to Konstipated L, its like the end of an era or something, its sad but I guess all good things are supposed to come to an end, she’s still one of the greatest people in the world, just things can’t go back to the way they were, its like fighting a lost battle
  • Sometimes, my subconscious asks God why I still believe in him. I believe in God because he listens to me, and solves all my problems, sometimes though, its like he leaves and I’m all alone, but God never leaves, and some days when I’m scared I hear footsteps by my door or I feel comforted and I just know that God is there by my side.
  • ·My favourite colour is pink, I bet that’s not news
  • I confess that I was in denial when Theo left and now that he is back, I can't wait to cath up, although I don’t know how to tell my other friend that Theo being back doesn’t mean I’ll go back to ignoring him ;)
  • I confess my life sort of has no direction at the moment and my future is in the hands of God and the mercies of the world and I am praying that things go MY WAY.
  • I confess my parents are so in a vacation mood I like this new them, but I know that all good things will eventually come to an end.
  • I confess I know I will be missing my cousin’s wedding in August, but I keep telling my sister that I will be there so she doesn’t get offended, eventually I know the truth will come out and she would be disappointed in me, but the only way for her to actually make it to the wedding is by me not going. (Ok the trick here is discretion, let us try not to actually tell her. *thank you*)
  • I confess the future looks bright yet uncertain
  • I confess I keep deluding myself into thinking I’m living a low-carb lifestyle.. LAWL. I probably eat twice as much carbs as the average carb eater. I know I know I keep telling myself that if I think so then its so
  • I confess my birthday is on Saturday, I haven’t got the faintest idea of what I’m going to do, and all my friends are literarily waiting for the call that tells them what the plan is, MAY GOD HELP ME because if I disappoint, then next year I better be buying my own cake and wishing myself a happy birthday.
  • I confess I seriously miss being a child; all this responsibility stuff is just so overwhelming, no one to tell me what is right and what is wrong, I have to fight my conscience and pretend to ignore my gut feelings. I miss the days when I could do whatever and get beaten up, now everyone is all about “ITS YOUR LIFE”. What do they mean it’s my life? Its OUR LIVES…
  • I confess I am loving my job, all I did all day was read a novel and eat...tralalalalalala
  • I confess all isn't completely as it seems but I'm starting to see the sun after the cloudy rain
  • I confess that I've never been in love, perhaps by choice, but we all know we can't choose love, I just don't think I've found a man that can "handle" all my love.
  • I confess my new favorite drunk song is HEY BABY... Hey, hey, baby. Uh AH, I wanna know ooooooo, if you'll be my girl. I can loose my voice over it
  • I confess, Shalewa is on her way to London and I didn't get to say goodbye *SOB*SOB*LOUD SOB*
  • I confess am starting to ramble........


Andy said...

Saturday is still some days away, but Happy Birthday all the same!

Naijadude said...

I confess that you have ignored me since Theo got back!
I confess that I still love you nonetheless...
I confess that I might not make it to El Convetorico on sat. night!
I confess that I dont know how to say Happy birthday, no seriously I
tra la la la

Mamarita said...

Thanks Andy.
Naijadude, I have absolutely no comments.