Wednesday Oct 3rd 2007

Dear NaijaDude;

I have been writing to you almost daily now for over a month, sometimes I wonder if am schizophrenic and you really are a figment of my imagination, but I delight in writing to you.

So today started off not too badly, I ironed my outfit the night before so I wouldn't forget to unlpug the iron after. I set out for work early, I arrived late due to subway delay. It was a hot day, I wore my brown skirt and I black shirt with my new brown blazer, I am still wearing flats after the comment my father made.

Work wasn't too much fun, I tried to do some "serious" stuff, communicated some important informations to the powers that be, and yes, I had the most delightful pizza slice today at lunch, I know I know I cannot digest Pizza, but it was some sort of DELICIOUS CHICKEN with a ligh spreading of cheese, it was fantastic but I couldn't finish my slice of pizza.

When work was over, I realized I was extra tired, but I managed to drag myself en-route the school library to do some research, I forgot to tell you, I pass through 1 KING STREET WEST everyday on my way home from work. But anyways, I was working on Yonge street, you know past yonge and Adelaide, past yonge and Queen, stopped briefly at THE BAY, they're having a sale!!! WOOOHOO, and I was just about to go into the starbucks by JACOBS you know opposite PRINCESS OF WALES THEATRE when I saw Toy-toy across the street, obviously I yelled her name, and crossed over, yes the things we do in the middle of rush hour traffic. She was with a friend heading to the library to do research so we decided to work together, closing our eyes to temptation of the EATON CENTRE.

And then we started to hear music and it occured to Toyin that Natasha Beddingfield was playing that day at DUNDAS SQUARE and she was supposed to get a free pass but didn't because of work. So we stood on the outskirts listening to the music thankfully we had our glasses on, so I took a few pictures.

And then we saw people going past the barricade and we wondered why, and they told us it was a free concert, of course you know what happened next I don't have to tell you.

Natasha performed all her new songs and there was this guy in the crowd that kept shouting I LOVE YOU NATASHA, and it reminded me of that time that we went to see Madeline Peyroux together, you know before I got the CDs that I love soooo much... (thank you again for that)

Anyways Toy-toy and I kept spotting people we knew, and I swear I thought I saw Overwhelmed (by virtue of hair color), and then someone had their hands around my shoulders and I thought, could that be Michie, but she'd have gone to Toy-toy, and then I looked back and you won't believe who it was yeppp OVERWHELMED, and then we bummed to some Natasha B. together with her lovely friends.

And then they had to leave and I just basked in the glory of Nat B. playin...

Whatever happened to her brother? I loved loved loved that his song - "IF YOU'RE NOT THE ONE"

I hope Calgary is treating you well, and you're loving it. I wonder if you're real, perhaps I'll take a trip to Calgary and stab you, if anyone calls the cops then I'll know am not crazy.... :)


Naijadude said...

I hope you choke all those musings of yours!

Dont bother coming to Calgary, I will come to Toronto to come and strangulate you myself!

laspapi said...

I enjoyed your musings, don't give mind to naija dude. Are you still visiting the mother lan'