On Rants

It has finally happened! 1 USD = 0.995CDN, if you don’t know what that means, in short form, I will probably spend the most money buying gas this year, as I will be spending a bulk of my shopping time in Buffalo NY. And I will tell you why, back in 1999 when 1 US = 1.47CDN and we hoped and prayed our Uncles and Aunties would shake us in USDs, we’d change the cash and have a filled day, and well a book that cost 9.99 in usd was 13.99 cdn and we bought the books delightfully. Then the rate started to drop, and we didn’t really bother, but then as of three weeks ago when the 1 US = 1 CDN, I thought it was off that a 9.99 usd book still cost 13.99 in Canada!
Uhm….then I went on my fav store’s website and their 5.99 shirts were still being sold at 9.99 in Canada, I thought something was off, and it keeps getting worse. A GMAT book at COLES is going for 39.99 in Canada as compared to 19.99 in the US. Now people will say doesn’t the gas cost cover the difference? Its not about the cost but the fact that they’re taking us for chumps, these big corporations, and its not their fault, we Canadians are so quiet, we let people run us over, I mean a GMC Envoy is still 30k US and about 42K CDN, and the average American graduate earns like 5k more than the avery Canadian graduate, you know. And we pay more taxes, and are deeper in debt, our educational system is more expensive, should I stop?!
AH! And Buffalo is like 1.5 hrs away from Toronto, and less depending on traffic, there’s a ton more variety down in Buffalo, and, if you have a great car, you can hide enough stuff between your tires and not get double taxed at the border. There’s more variety down there, I know I say Buffalo like one would say NYC, but I’m cheap not crazy, I won’t drive 8 hours just to buy clothes, books, and lotion, JAMAIS!
I’m glad I got the whole American thing out of my head, if all Canadians that live near the US could cease shopping at American stores based in Canada, no one’ll teach them before they drop their prices as well, I mean I would love to add to the Canadian economy but they’re making it tough for me, its like throwing money away. (My dad would be so proud of me if he ever read this)

That being said, what is up with British Airways these days, they’re so incompetent its sickening, I personally would rather fly Air Canada and know that am getting crap but whats the point of paying to be treated like crap? Once my mum was flying back to Lagos en-route BA and they gave her total grief, total disrespect, even their manager, I had to remind the guy that even if it is small, part of “our” ticket money goes into paying his pay cheque and if we all stopped flying BA then he’d be like jobless!
Everytime I take my folks to the airport I make it a point to mention the crapiness of BA and why I would rather fly half way across the world to get to Britain before I fly BA. Anyways see me going on about their crappy service when I’m really pissed that my dad’s bag came just in time for him to leave. He arrived Toronto with one box, they promised the second box would be in by Sunday, for where ,then they promised Monday…right, we called them like they were giving life out for free, and it turned out that they gave us the wrong tracking number, eventually we got someone with some brain to track the luggage only to be told that it had been in London for almost a week. After making threats and “calls” we finally got the box on the way to Toronto. And then my dad tried to change seats, he was confirmed for one day, waitlisted for the next, and then some half brained mongul told him that was a seat for the day he wanted so he cancelled my dad’s confirmed date only to leave him on a waiting list! I can’t fully disclose what happened but we got the man a seat on the day he wanted and like my boys would have said “they lost a lot of men out there :)" It does pay to be a B.i.t.c.h. sometimes

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just heard that the average grade 9 student (14 yr old) has had sex with at least 4 different boys! I mean seriously, and there are 14 year olds that have been with some 50 odd men. I want to throw up, its disgusting, and many young kids still, think that oral or anal sex does not count as having "done it" and they hold "rainbow" parties where they specialize in B.J.s eww, ewwww ewwwww. What is our world turning into, is this civilization? Is this the price we're paying for being career women travelling, working hard? Have we ignored our sons and daughters and left them to grow up in unimaginable ways? I don't know, I really don't know who's to blame, the TV, the schools, I do not know but my 14 year old better not be fucking some uncut boy and not understanding what intercourse mean because I will teach her all about STDs and show her what happens when STDs go BAD!!!! Gosh...

The question is, how are you supposed to tell your kids about sex, what do you say to them, I have younger cousins that are getting to that age where they are looking at boys, they have a very open relationship with their mum which is good but I fear that soon they'll have "grown up" questions and since am the "black/pink sheep" in the family they'll come to me and I really don't want to push them to men, or push them away, or turn them on/off sex, I just fear and if I can't talk to them when I have my kids, I can't send them off to them (cousins) to talk to them.

But that is gross, when I was 14, I didn't want to play with a boy's "wee-wee", I talked to a lot of boys, but I enjoyed the intellectual conversations, or perhaps I was too busy wondering if all the guys I knew were gay and what it meant. I don't know....God help me raise my babies (when I eventually have them :))


Yellow Vespa Guy said...

Yes, having taught high school, oral sex is the "in" thing amongst students grades 5-8.

Should we be concerned, yes. Young people have to be taught about sexuality, their changing bodies, development, and psycho-sexual development.

It's not about forbidding them certain things (trust me they will do it anyway). It is about offering a safe space for them to communicate their questions, confusions, need for clarification, the role of faith/religion, cultural issues, ethics.

Sex is not a bad thing, it should be life-giving and promotes healthy forms of relating to others. It is not something to be frowned upon.

There's a difference between being a PRUDE and some one who is INFORMED.

Spook E said...

my parents never talked to me about sex. I found out through school and watching tv...and listening to older people talk about it; they thing you're too young to "get it" and you go along with it and play dumb all while absorbing clearly every bit of their nasty conversations.

As for the kids and their oral lives, well... if one teaches them right, they should know better.

BTW, America Rules!!! Canada...well...Canada is Canada. What can i say LOL

Afolabi said...

the currency rate btw us and ca. has its pros and cons. My folks send me money in us dollars and when its transfered to ca. dollars, it gives me a smile, but now..i don't know..

Mamarita said...

Yellow VG: I totally get that sex is not a bad thing....WHEN ITS DONE AT THE RIGHT TIME you know, a 14 yr old knows nothing about her body she just wants to be liked
I guess when it comes to kids we can't help but be prudeish

Spook E;
The question is, how do you teach a kid that although a blow job is a safe way to not get pregnant, a penis is not lollipop and it just comes back to haunt you!
(p.s. I'm extending an invite to you, come visit Canada,see how the better half lives:))

You and my dad are on the same side...PELE

Jaja said...

BA sucks but it ain't the worst airline to NGA. They once lost two of my boxes and had to settle by paying $3400 which was only half the damage cuz one lost bag had six single shoes while the second pairs were in a luggage that made it. They wouldnt pay for the shoes cuz we had no "recipts" for them... almost $1000 in shoes the thief cant