I have a huge problem and its one of those problems that you have to go see a shrink for, and if you don’t already know, my last shrink needed a shrink to help him help me, and then I went to see his shrink who ended up getting committed if you know what I mean. Its not like am crazy completely, I just am not the sanest human in the room, and if you’ve ever studied psychoanalysis as a hubby, you constantly keep trying to psychoanalyze everything even the people trying to help you with you psychological problems. ANYWAYS.
My problem; I have this habit that I can’t rid myself of, everytime I get crappy service I don’t say anything I converse with myself tell myself to go back and tell them what I really feel but then I don’t I just like walk away vowing not to ever go back.

I’m not very adventurous with things that go into my stomach, I mean I’ll try everything till I find what I really like and then the adventure stops there, I will keep getting that thing, and I guess that’s why I hate franchises, they are not consistent with delivering the same quality service.
I first started buying smoothies from Booster Juice when I walked on Islington and Bloor, I used to try a new shake everytime I passed by with my friends, till one day I tried the green tea matcha contortion and I was hooked like it was crack. I had a smoothie everyday, I would save cash just to buy my Matcha once a week.
Anyways, I remember the lady that sold my Matcha got some apprentice boy that didn’t enjoy working, and he sold me a shake, and it was BAD, not enough creaminess, too watery, you couldn't tell if you were swallowing green spit or if creaminess was supposed to be involved with the drink!!! I threw the 6 odd dollar drink in the bin in front of the boy and looked at him with disgust and walked away, I told everyone I knew about how he sucked, we still bought smoothies from there, but if we saw the boy we walked away

That being said, I’ve tried varieties of my Matcha Monsoon, I know that the ingredients for a “decent” drink is 2 scoops of frozen vanilla yogurt, 1 half a cup of ice, an “eyewatch” of soy milk, a spoon of Matcha green tea powder and you blend, the drink should be creamy to some degree, I use it as a meal replacement it should be that thick.
Anyways, I was out to Lunch today and decided to stop by Booster juice at my new place, about 10 minutes walk from my office, I thought it’d be nice to have something to suck on as I did my work. So I paid above average price for a regular matcha monsoon, I saw the lady pour the ingredients into the mixer as I paid for my drink, I made it a duty to tell the dude operating the machine that I would like my drink on the thick side and included the words “Add some more frozen yogurt, anf some milk, but I like it very creamy please”.
They handed me a watered down version of the drink, I was pissed, I tasted it, looked up, shot the woman a deadly look one of them “I know where your family lives and I’ll eradicate them all….I WANT TO SEE YOU SUFFER” sort of looks, she looked like she was tired, like I care. Anyways I was soooo pissed, I sipped the drink and soliloqued all the way back to the office.

In an ideal world, this what should have happened:

Me: What brain dead monkey mixed this atrocity and declared it a drink?
Them: Madam, is there a problem?
Me: Could you taste this and tell me what wrong?
Them: (tastes) It tastes fine to me
Me: Oh, tell me, do you get the cream yogurty feeling, is this something that would satisfy your lunch cravings, I don’t feel the cream and I definitely don’t taste SOY MILK. I specificially asked that my drink by creamy, but do you listen??? No. Perhaps I ask for too much, perhaps I don’t walk here and don’t know how the drink is prepared, but I certainly know that you are skimping on the frozen yogurt, and Mr it bugs me! It bugs me because I paid full money for this evil imitation of the green tea Matcha, I work hard for the money, sure it could be said that my dad paid for my ticket to travel here, but am here ain’t I and if I wasn’t I probably would have some old guy giving me money to do nothing but that is not the point! The point is that I don’t like filthy cheaters like yourself who think that because I don’t know what I ‘d like to drink you can cheat me and offering me a fake. I don’t very much care for that Mr, so listen carefully.
I need 3 scoops of frozen vanilla yogurt, NO ICE, half a cup of Vanilla soy milk and a spoon of Matcha goodness, for booster I’ll take something soothing because of the bad karma, now get to it before I teach you about manners

I wish the world was ideal somedays, I wish I could fight for my right and not shrug telling myself that I wouldn’t be back for repeat crappy service. It happens a lot, the other day too I went to Lettuce for some ceasar salad, I specifically asked though jokingly that they shouldn’t be shy with the dressing, but then I ended up eating dry leaves! Did I complain? No… the next time I went in, I told them that I’d wait for the SS (Salad Specialist) who usually did my salads and I complained while the other dressing skimper was in ear shot about how I hated when people skimped on dressing, if I didn’t want dressing on my salad, I’d bring fresh leaves from home.

And you know it ticks everyone around me off, especially my sister, I will whine, and cringe and complain about everything wrong with service but not to those that need to hear it. I’m tired of being pushed around, getting crappy service and not complaining at the time when my emotions are ready to flair, you know….I don’t know, the smoothie sucked, the bread tastes good, but am not happy

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