Et Maintenante........

I should really start putting together a list of all my sayings, perhaps I'll call it "mamaritaisms" and next year I'll have enough to write a book and hope that everyone would buy one for themselves and 10 for their friends. My favorite saying so far is:

"You will find the bottom of the pot". To explain, if you've never eaten jollof rice or beans from the bottom of the pot, you are totally missing out! Now, if you have you would know that no matter how burnt the rice/beans is, that scrapping on your spoon is the sweetest part of pot, no one likes it because they don't know how good it tastes because they've never tried it.

I was explaining this to a friend, you know as Nigerian women, many of us get to a certain age where the world is wondering if "we" are okay, and why we are still single, and we find ourselves searching for men, wedding after wedding we'd go, she's gone, where is my own man, and all the men we find are taken. Patience! "You will find the bottom of the pot", the man that is "perfect" as they come, out there not taken because no one has noticed him.

That being said, its about the 5th week in lent, I haven't had diet pepsi, I haven't gone to stations of the cross either, if it counts, I said the rosary through the week :) I am trying to be a better person, I stopped getting angry with people. Just over the weekendI got a parking ticket in a private parking lot where I park once a month when I go to get my hair done. I always buy an item from the store with the parking lot when am done with my hair and yet they called parking authority on me. I was livid at first, sat down, thought well...someone could have broken into the car, or they could have towed it away. I got over it, thanked God for the wonderful day and well, on the bright side, the money goes to the government, BETTER ROADS yall!

Just the other day, on friday I think, I woke up angry, somewhere between my sleep and my thoughts, I heard on the morning news that Prince Harry had been serving in Iraq for 10 weeks and we'd been discovered! I was MAD! No, I wanted to break something, I wanted to tie someone to a surgical table, and cut their insides while they are awake, their screams being my joyful melodies. Seriously, why would anyone jeorpardize the safety of innocent people over one royal blood, don't get me wrong from the Prince Harry angle of things, he loved the army it was the only thing I feel brought him joy, we've watched him grow, watched him grief, watched him not have a youth, why can't we let him have 1 pleasure - killing people! Its just not right.

And the damn paparazzi killed his mother in the first place, they took the one thing that mattered most to them away, they showed their every tearful moments, bashed them, praised them, criticized them and then they go off to war like every good soldier and even then they are after them...SERIOUSLY! I hate to believe the press are that ruthless and if they really are, then they're like legions of beasts and I don't know about you but when a beast becomes violent where I come from, ONE KILLS IT:) Anyways, I calmed down over the prince Harry issue eventually.

And then there's Britney Spears, Gosh, I'd love to be her shrink someday, I think it would be rather fabulous. She has so much to say, so much that she would love to express but isn't given the opportunity to. She doesn't need rehab or drugs or her kids, she needs to be by herself with a stranger preferrably one who has studied Neitzshe, Heidegger and Freud to an extent, to listen to her and explain to her that she's not crazy, she ought not to loose it, and that if she tries to understand the whatness of what if, perhaps she'll be okay.
I pray for Britney whenever I remember her, she's lost, in need of some form of guidance and the more she tries to seek the more the paparazzi get in her face and try to find that which she seeks, I wonder what would happen if she kidnapped a paparazzi and took him into the "wild" for a weekend retreat.........Where philosophy will be their only sustainance :) I think that would teach the rest of them a lesson, although, I'd rather go for a serial killer who only kills paparazzi that have a taken a picture of Britney Spears....MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

God bless us EVERYONE.


Uzo said...

An update...glad you stayed the course with the diet pepsi have you been?

Uzezi said...

i will buy one and ten for friends

we r all trying to be better. dont feel bad about the station off the cross thing.

i didn't know when ash wednesday came and gone. i refused to believe when good friday came, and i ask what kind of a catholic am i?
we r trying to be better.

that single thing is a blessing cos this is the only time a single has to plan. choices.

no need rushing into marriages and rushing out