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Oh my goodness, this year is moving extremely fast, its unbelievable, I’m in shock, we’re already in February, its been over a month since I last spoke to him (and other stories). Lent is around the corner, 2 days to be precise, and it just dawned on me and I praised my smooth skin in the mirror this morning, I haven’t decided on my “sacrifice” for this Lenten season.
Thank God I discovered “fasting” soon enough, food is not the only thing you must give up, it is symbolic of things you can’t live without, but then there are a gazillion things man depends on. In the past I’ve given up chocolates (grade 12 and 13), gave up cursing and *** in college, and recently I decided not to give up something but to give back, so last time I was “nice” to people or was that in 2006. No in 2006, I did the traditional fasting (I gave up food on Wednesdays and didn’t have anything with blood on Fridays). So this year, I wondered what I would give up for lent, so many vices, I gave up sugar this year, for health reasons, I like liqueur but I am not dependent on it, in fact I could go without alcohol for months and not feel a thing (side note: I learnt a blogger does not “drink” am still stunned by that discovery!).
The one thing that I cannot get enough of, I’ve been hooked on it since I discovered it, I’m so hooked on it that if I go a week without it, I’d go crazy, its my crack if you will. Sometimes when I tell myself I’d leave it and find myself going back to it, I think “gosh, this is what addiction feels like” and then I thank God its not cocaine! Phew. I have an addictive trait and that’s why I like to stop things before I get into them. I remember when special K first came out with the strawberry and cereal thing and I tried it with soy milk, that was all I’d eat, I’d have special K for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I kid you not, when Indomie noodles first came out, it was all I’d eat, we were lucky to have gotten cartons of them so I just ate like it was going out of style. So many near addictions that I can’t even get into…. (Chuckling at memories) Anyways this Lenten season, I’m giving up DIET PEPSI! I’m hooked on diet pepsi, it’s so bad, at one time I was going through a pack of 24 in a week! I just enjoy the taste and the fuzziness, and the feel of it, I don’t know why I love diet Pepsi, perhaps it’s the refreshing taste or the caffeine, or the lightness I just love Pepsi, but I figure if I can give it up just as Jesus gave up food in the desert for 40 days, then I can do anything. And the 7 bucks can go towards something nicer like cigarettes (I joke)
Anyway, this lenten season, I intend to be a better person, grow spiritually, read my bible, be nicer to everyone, go to Church on sundays, I might even join the choir, and of course, I'll be at stations of the cross on fridays, this lent, I'll leave this lenten period a better person.


C... said...

Hey Mamarita!

Of course, there is still sharwama at TinTin!

Thanks for the birthday wish.
... you write good.


Uzo said... how are the resolutions for Lent going? Managed to stay off Pepsi Light?

Uzo said...

Update please

Jaycee said...

How na?

Naijadude said...

aww and how is it working out??

Mamarita said...

Nice C. I should check out tintin next time I'm in "IB". LOL
Uzo: Its going great, I haven't broken any of the rezols yet :)
Jayce: Halloz On my way
ND: I miss u