And now Ladies and Gentlemen

(also known as @%@%^&%*$^#^%$&^%$^%$)

So its Sunday right, I spent Saturday with some of the "wonderfullest" people I know, as I silently look forward to next Sunday.... The mood of the evening was delightful, jokes being told all over the table, we lived like we did when I was 16 and boy was it fabulous, and then I saw the blinking lights on my BB and I looked at the message HI SWEETHEART! And I remembered what year it was, how old I was and how long it had been going on. (hiss)
I hate those songs that people sing about/to their ex-lovers after its over, like "now you want me back, I don't need you" or "get lost, move on with your life, as I have". Clearly the artist hasn't moved on with their lives if they can put it into song, Many of them claim it was a "spur of the moment thing" but if you really hate someone and they really hurt you, the best revenge is for them to find out from sources close to them that you have moved on, not through a grammy! I mean sure the grammy could be a tadbit irritating too, but I believe in silence.
The best way to kill your opponent is with a pillow, quick, mean, quiet. The most silence farts are the major stinkers, and we've all heard the famous line "silence is the best answer for a fool", so why, oh why do people still sing and lament about ex-lovers that they've moved on from.

That being said I absolutely think my friend D sucks! He sucks so much you get to a point when you just want to pray that his enemies let him be so that you can be the only cause of all his problems :) And that is putting it lightly like diluting acid before pouring it on someone's face sort of lightly, but then again, I'll take my own advice, and just hum...

So I have this budding Theory I have shared with a few people, we call it the "flowers" theory, ok, I do, it all started when I was in my "cold water" phase. (COLD WATER: The delicate art of watching ice melt in cold water before pouring it violently on the face of someone who is really getting on your last nerves, it cools them down and you don't have to
By val; Flowers is the theory that all mankind is a flower, on our good days we have been well watered and are booming beautifully, when we are irritating and grumpy it is because we are dehydrated and not getting enough water in us, a remedy to this grumpiness being the art of "watering". (see cold water).
Going by this, when someone makes me so angry, I sit and chant "flowers, flowers, flowers" and go on my merry way, I'm too young for hypertension. LOL!

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