I first heard about Edith Piaf in my grade 11 French class, Madame used to mimic her a lot in class (may both their souls rest in peace). If you don't know Edith, perhaps you've heard of "LA VIE EN ROSE" (life in pink), its one of the greatest love songs I've heard in like my entire life, one of my top 10 love songs of all time. Every time I hear it, I want to grab something, put on my pumps, close my eyes et danse. La chanson est tres belle, plus belle, its so beautiful especially when its song properly en francais..MON DIEU!
I especially love the lines:
"They say that love was just a word
They spoke about in songs I've heard
It took your kisses to reveal
That I was wrong and love is real....."

I can relate to this song, or maybe I want to relate to the song, it is my expression of what I expect from that emotion, that has haunted man for all time... AMOUR!


I have always loved the sounds of children singing, I get especially happy when the children make heavenly sounds in a foreign language. I watched "La choristes" some years back because this song woke me up from my sleep and it was like an epiphany you know, young children making such pretty noises...AYE!!!! I love this song, I love les anges's album, four French children from Quebec city making heavenly music, every time work gets to me, I open up my windows media and just listen to the children take my trouble away, such angelic voices. Their tears in heaven brings water to my eyes, unfortunately for me I have dry eyes so I get the illusion of water but its actually air. Love the sound of children singing in foreign languages.

Anyways, today was one of those "interesting" days, got to work extremely early and very tired, I had a cup of really black coffee and all I could say was phewwwww, that stuff was nasty! It would wake a dead cat, dang! But it worked for a few hours, I'm starting to think that my need for a cup of coffee is based on some illusion that it actually keeps me awake, then again, I'm a recovering pepsi addict, perhaps I've always needed caffeine to stay awake and just didn't know it.

So, I found myself at "Storage" today, looking for some ancient data and when I couldn't find it and was heading back to my office, this guy in the elevator didn't hold it for me and he went by himself, in a lift, close to lunch time. Now you might not know, but I try not to be around the elevators around lunchtime, the elevators take forever to arrive and when they do, they are usually crowded and who wants to stand next to a stranger whose belly is rumbling? Not I. So the guy left me, even though he knew that I was behind him, but I didn't sweat it, I "called" for another elevator, and as I turned back to wait for it, there was this reallly cute guy standing there.

I know I talk about cute men, and I know there's a difference between, hot, sexy, cute and handsome, this man was the embodiment of everything, if you looked up the word "lustful desires" in the dictionary you'd probably find him standing there, he just oozed gorgeousness, righteous O/K - "OVERKILL", he is definitely THE P! My goodness, the guy reminded me of fresh strawberries at the farmers market that I got the other day, they were abnormally large, and very red and they tasted better than they looked, orgasmic eruptions in your mouth.
This guy was cute and he had an innocent face to him, anyway I was cleaning off the drool when the elevator came and he like held the door for me, we both got in, he was getting off two floors below me, and then he came and stood almost right next to me, my heart was pounding fast, it was one of those, "stop the elevator, let's sort out this tension between us" type things, but I held myself and just "took him in"...(breathe in, breathe out) he got to his floor, got off the elevator and as he left I got a look at his butttt....MON DIEU! It was TIGHT! And I thought of a million ways to "do it".

Then I was heading back home and the weirdest thing happened to me, okay I lie, it has happened before and it will happen again but it happened, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment by the vents. So I was working home on Yonge street feeling snazzy with myself in my pink skirt, just walking freely on Yonge and Gerrard close to the College Square place, I walked on a vent and next thing I knew my skirt like FLEW UP IN THE AIR. Naturally I moved away from the vent, but now I know why mothers tell their kids to wear clean underwear...I just thought to myself, what if I had on dirty knickers or a thong which I was going to wear earlier, luckily I opted for a regular butt cheek covering, comfort guaranteed panty, I only hope no one got a picture, otherwise...................they will be visiting my workshop.

On a side note, if I ever talk about my torture chamber could someone bring my attention to it, we don't want to criminals now.

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