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So every wednesday a bunch of us exchange emails during regular work hours, if any member on the thread fails to check their emails they probably come back to about 30 emails, it lights up my weekdays :) This week I added a guest to my weekly thread and after a few emails it occured to me that most us had something in common, JUDE IDADA.

You have probably heard the name thrown around here and there, or know the particular gentleman and if you don't you probably know somebody who knows somebody who knows the gentleman. And if you don't, then, when the %#@%#^# have you been?
I personally sneak in his name in conversations when I'm trying to "enhance" my status and many times it raises my "stock price" with the elites, just the other day I attended a conference and I was mixing with the who's who of the African E-learning world you know, and one thing led to another and we all headed to dinner, and when the conversation started to die, I talked about a restaurant that my good friend "JUDE IDADA" and I decided to go to...and eyes lit up, turned out two people knew who he was and I made major contacts among the African E-learning "crew".

Jude Idada is an author, an inpsirational speaker, an actor, a playwright, a traveller, a director, movie producer, dancer, human resource strategist, global trotter, and he still makes time to chill out, how he does it, I do not know. I remember reading a story from his book when I offered to help format it, and if I had not known from all the times we have hung out, I knew then at that moment that the man is destined for greatness, I say is...because he is on his way there and if you think he is great now, what do you want to say when CNN stops regular programming to announce that Jude Idada just got on a plane to his private island off the coast of so and so.

Today, Jude Idada alongside his Business Partner Lucky Ejim will be premiering THE TENANT. Perhaps I'm biased but I love the story, it is the sort of thing I would have written myself, it was well told, well presented and it just reminds me of the life of a butterfly (don't ask) but if you are in Toronto on the 7th of November, drop by INNIS HALL at the University of Toronto 4:00pm and see this movie, I was at the screening and I loved the movie then even though some fine tuning was needed and I cannot wait to see the end product.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift this year, check out and if you have not heard the name Jude Idada, ask a friend, chances are, someone in your clique knows somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody. And if sometime in the future you see a movie trailer and the writing is credited to Tyler Perry and Jude Idada, if you don't watch it, it would be like watching a sitcom during Mr Armstrong's moon landing.

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