Sunday Night Special Part 1

So there's this mid-week spamming session that I have with my friends, it usually starts on wednesday and can go as far as Friday. It all started when I forwarded a message to all of them and I started getting replies, and we updated each other on our week. The following week, I got another "mid week" funny and I passed it along and well, the responses were overwhelming, and somehow a tradition started. The best part of mid week spamming is the anticipation, and I remember once I drafted my email on Monday and waited till wednesday to send it out.
The other thing I like our spamming sessions although now the messages are reducing is the fact that if you don't check your email in three hours, you stand the chance of missing out on an ongoing joke, and as you know my friends and I have acute ADD so we never stay on a topic for too long - (in our world that is 4 emails later). Once I was in a 1 hr meeting, I got back and I had 19 new emails, and there's just 7 of us, although not all members are active participants. I love my friends and I look forward to our "spam-a-lot" sessions. It keeps work interesting and life, well, a whole lot more fun.

A few sessions ago we were talking about Family Guy and our favorite episodes and I had promised that I would blog about my top Family Guy Episodes, I started but never got to finish it, I guess now I am....

10) "Chitty Chitty Death Bang"

Its Stewie's first birthday and he's afraid the man in white will return to put him back in the womb and we are taken back to his journalling days while in Lois' womb, eventually the man in white comes back and Stewie kicks his ass and enjoys his wonderful party.

9) ""E. Peterbus Unum"

For some weird reason, Peter's house is out of Quohog and not a part of the USA so he decided that had his own country and named it Petoria. I love this episode because of the scene in it where Peter does his rendition of "Can't touch this". Now if you ever get a chance to catch this on youtube, when he starts dancing, mute the youtube clip and then if you have track 9 (I believe) of 9ice's album "Gongo Aso" play it, I sister thought of it all by herself :)

8) "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington"

This is the episode where Peter was made President of the toy factory after a tobacco company bought out the factory. I liked two parts in this episode, I liked the song "that guy" when Peter is told he has to go to Hollywood and of course, and I liked the part where Peter was trying to reason with the politicians after one of them killed a prostitute.

" You might have killed her when you shoved the dollar bills down her throat, or when you hit her with a chair, but you know what didn't kill her, cigarettes". CLASSIC!

7) "One If by Clam, Two If by Sea"

This is the "british invasion" episode where the British take over "the clam"....Before I continue, am sure it would be obvious by now that I'm a HUGE FAN of MUSICALS. I really liked this episode because of the scenes where Stewie teaches Eliza (i think) how to speak properly. "The rain in spain stays mainly on the plain". (my fair lady) I also love the way The British were depicted as extremely boring folks, and the horrible teeth they had. LOL (I love the British, sometimes...)

6) "Patriot Games"

You may remember this episode where Peter becomes a footballer, and Brian borrowed off Stewie but doesn't pay and Stewie beats the crap out of him, shot his knee cap and burnt him, and Brian recovered almost instantly. (I want to be a cartoon!)

My favorite thing about this episode was when Peter broke into song and dance after they won a game "SHIPOOPI" from The Music Man, and he was sold to a team in London who were singing "If you'll marry me" on the field...

5) "Sibling Rivalry"

Stewie's brother Bertram is born after Peter emptied his load into a sperm bank :), Lois gains weight, due to lack of sex. I liked when Peter was making a reference to embarrasing moments when we see him entertaining inmates in a prison cell by singing the "milkshake" song. I thought that was incredibly funny. I loved other bits and pieces but I liked the suspense in the end after the sword fighting session between Betram and Stewie, when Stewie has his sword on Betram, and suddenly the scene changes to him digging a hole which later turned out to be for the planting of a tree.....

The reason why I love this episode, is because of a line that is now famous around me, where Betram asks Stewie what took him so long, to which he replied " What took you so ugly!".

4) "Road to Rupert"

Brian sells Stewie's shrink/doll/bff - Rupert in a yard sale and has to help him get it back, problem is, the guy he sold it to had moved out of Rhode Island so they go after him. As they track him, they find that they need an helicopter to get over the hills, the rental place wants a deposit of 100k or a jaunty tune...If you have seen this particular episode there's no point telling you why I love it so much, but if you haven't, I love it because of THE WORRY SONG that Stewie did with Mr Kelly. I adore singing especially song and dance.

3) Peterotica

What did I like about this episode apart from Quagmire's dances with pun in the adult store, and Peter's brand of erotica, and the torture he endowed by Luis' dad (I mean who puts thorns in a jar of salt with a 5 dollar bill underneath it all...HOTTTT), and Stewie's olympic tryout (getting the glass stuck in his head). What I loved the most about this was the very end after Lois told Peter that her father offered 10 million, but she refused it and she yapped on and on as Peter thought up the perfect crime. *if you didn't see the end please do, and em no be from my mouth una go hear say Baba solda don die*

2) Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air

This episode inspired my "I'll shoot you, but I must warn you, I have terrible aim". So Joe got new legs and he was feeling on top of the world with them, left the gang (Quagmire, Peter and Cleveland) and finally he decided that he was going to leave his wife so they all ganged up to turn him back to a cripple. His wife comes along and tries to shoot him in the spine but missed a million times prompting Joe to collect the gun and just shoot his own spine! CLASSIC!
I think Joe rocks! YEAH

1)Saving Private Brian

I love this episode for many reasons, one, there's a musical sequence, two, Brian and Stewie pretend to be gay to get out of army duties, then they shoot themselves in the foot and were still made to fight and just when they were about to go to war, peace is declared.

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