Tuesdays with Mamarita

I hate incompetence, I know that in the past I have been incompetent myself but I hate it! People are given a job and they do not know what to do and they go and screw up their duties by confusing their clients. If your Dr diagnosed you for a virus when you have a fungus, you'd cry and wail that you got the wrong medication, so why is it ok that a CSR can tell you to go to the room on the left when you should be in the room to the right! Sure health and waste of time are two different things but if I fell and broke my tooth because I got into a fight in the room to the left, it would be a freaking different story.
And its not just about wrong rooms, there are other major things that go wrong when people don't do their jobs right, if you misinform the programmers, lots of people could lose lots of money because the wrong files would be processed and righting that wrong could be disastrous. Incompetence! I hiss....

My dad always said something that makes me smile "God protect us from those that are following us that we are not aware of". So today I'm working home from work when I bumped into our building manager, this guy has been the bane of my existence since the day we moved into our apartment. Every time I call his office for help I get the cold shoulder and boy oh boy sometimes he makes me so angry I want to drive all the way across town to his office, beat half of the crap out of him and then wash his blood off his office floor with my pink hose. (That is left hand talk). But I have never officially introduced myself to the Building Manager so when I saw him and my eyes lite up and I smiled at him and said Hello, he was in shock but he said hi back, I thought to myself, if only the left hand was in control.
I hadn't crossed the street completely when I sighted the former chair of a program I was dying to get into. I begged, cried, appealed, re-applied but I kept getting the same message "we are sorry, at the moment we are not able to accept you into the program"....for three years, eventually I gave up the program, all the great authors didn't get formal training anyways....That being said, I saw him with his "buddie" just yacking away, and his server Melissa said Hi to me, the left hand again wanted to pull him aside and beat him senseless, leaving his almost lifeless body by the curb, sometimes I blame my writer's block on him when really am the lazy one. Oh well! And as before, he doesn't know who I am :) "God protect us from those watching us that we are not aware of".

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