I loved Futurama before it was cancelled, I think the world of Homer Simpson and believe that Marge should rule the world. Maggie makes me tickle and somedays I want to tell folks to eat my shorts! I hate annoying babies and the thought of world domination makes me sleep better at night. I'm not a dog person but I wonder what folks' dogs would have to say about their masters if they had Brian's gift. I hate whinny teenagers and whinny dumb teenagers with intelligent phrases make me want to jump off my balcony. I hate people mimiking Peter Griffin's laughter, its funny only when Peter does it, I find it hilarious that overweight cartoon characters who could not walk a mile even when they are being drawn there can carry themselves in musical sequences.

Homer J. Simpson is dumb but I love him, deep inside my mind I am starting to be fund of Hank Azaria. I have introduced almost everyone in my life to Family Guy, Bender's song My Broken Friend remains with me, I find Futurama funny and I wish it would come back already, we are all getting tired of the 1 hr specials. I secretly watch King of the Hill, I think Seth McFarlene should have a state named after him and if he were a religion and I didn't know about God, I would be a follower. My name is M. and I'm a CARTOON T.V.ADDICT! (Am glad I got that off my chest)

Off to more important things, so I completed a communications course to help with my "writing" at work, and well it was a lovely course, I now send out communications with more confidence, but then again its like driving, the first time you get in a car, you pee all over the place but 3 years later and you can drive, eat, sleep, play a game at the same time and not even know it. (innocent until proven guilty) After doing something so many times you get used to it and all fears go away. We also had to do a presentation in the end, and I decided that one of the things I was good at was blogging so I talked about blogging and I think I may have won over some "converts" and well, if my grade is any indication, I either rock at public presentations or I can b.s. my way in/out of anything....because I rock!

So like there's this guy in my communications class? he is like totally cute? I mean like totally adorable? We like hang out in class sometimes? I think he's really cool? And he lets me in on stuff that I miss when I skip class, because I mean like lets face it, its a saturday morning class? How am I supposed to like maintain a social life and be in class on Saturday? Like HELLO! So like T gets my stuff for me? And the day of my like presentation, he like let me share his presentation outline, that was like totally cool? T is soooo like totally amazing, like I miss him already? (there's a reason for the question marks.....just saying)

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Afolabi said...

Hey M., how's it going with you?
Choi, you are def. a cartoon addict...I've never being a big fan of these Simpsons, family guy shows..only watch them rarely ...the ? is for? The guy's real right? (dumbest question!)