Have you ever in your life commanded the morning,And caused the dawn to know its place?

I am not sure the right word here is hate but I cannot for the life of me stand desert scarves, I mean I see people tying them around their necks and my first impulse is to scream, but I don't know how, so I just like let loose inside my head. When this trend first started sometime last winter, I thought, uhm....ok, not so bad, then spring came and still the damn scarves, and summer too, and fall, and then back to Winter. Spring came back and I thought;

"phew" its all over thank you Lord, platforms please

And then back to where we started with the damn desert scarves. I don't know why I don't like them or what it is I have against them, but you know, its just like every other trend out there now, like the gladiator boots, the knee high ones, I get that they are trends but they were made to remain on the runaway and on the television screens. Maybe next year I'll carry a baby phyton around my neck as an accessory, it too might become a fashion trend.

(If you are reading this, I DO NOT WANT A BABY PHYTON as a gift, I do agree they make great belts and sandals but not life accessories that one hangs around one's neck....just saying!)

That being said Ted Rogers died this morning, I was shocked to hear that, we were talking about him on the weekend andhow he should cut his loses and ask that Ryerson University be named Ted Rogers University, (it would help the degree IMHO). I remember when I first started at Rye U, it was a Polytechnic University then, the world only really cared about the University of Toronto, and before I carried my "portomanteau" out of Nigeria Buhari had just blasted the U of T degree by claiming he had one, so at the time in Nigeria a U of T degree was as good as a Bachelor Of Commerce in Criminal Frenchology. (I know, it was the best I could do)

Anyways, when I told people back then that I was at Rye U studying IT Management, they went, oh...thats the school with the Rogers school of communication, its great. And soon the School of Business became the Ted Rogers School Of Management, and we were anticipating a follow up "Ted Rogers school of Engineering" and the school would have been as good as his, but you know....God said otherwise. He was a great man, I didn't know him personally, but every Canadian can say they have been touched by Rogers in one way or the other and every time you pass by Princess Margaret Hospital or is it Toronto General, and you see the Ted Rogers Centre for *** please bow your heads and say a little prayer, because many billionaires like Ted spent all their money on expensive wine and private jets and the remainder they put in the pockets of the 32G girl trying to raise money for "insert cause" via the strip club. Rest In Peace TED ROGERS, I aspire to surpass your greatness in the near future, but I will always remember you.

I am sitting in my house freezing my feet off, I know I should turn on the heater, I know I should have turned it on at least 4 hours ago but am still sitting here still freezing my ass off and anyone that knows me well enough knows that I will not turn on the heater, in fact the chances that I'll get an extra blanket far surpass the chance that I will turn on my heater and that is just sad even for me.

When you get a chance, visit http://www.springwise.com/, so many things exist that we are not even remotely aware of, and did anyone ever ask how/why facebook got so big, Friendster, Asian Avenue, BlackPlanet, Myspace, Hi5 all started social networking what made Facebook so different? I think I'll turn on the heater, FALSE!

I flea to bed but join me next time or sometime when I discuss some of Canada's greatest such as Ms Chioma Ikejiani of AMOI Magazine, Lucky Ejim (Lead Character/Director of THE TENANT) and a certain Global Trotter that refuses to answer my calls :D (I do understand that you are busy and hopefully we jam soon)

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