What sort of world are we living in today? Its like technology has taken over our lives and everything in it, it is so bad am blogging on my phone as I wait for the train to arrive, could I have been reading a well written book, getting my mind to work, or chatting with my friend? Well sure, but I am fulfilling my urge to blog...I almost hate myself (not really)
I was reading somewhere about "Techno furniture" that is the use of a technological item as a piece of furniture, like an iPod stand being a piece of art, as opposed to say a vase. And those crazy messed up "Abstract" artists who'd break flat screen TVs just for their "art"! But we saw all of this coming and just folded our arms and felt like it would not actually happen, laughed when Family guy made reference to the future (or was it Simpsons?) that IPods were the slave owners and they would beat us to do their bidding. I AM NOT LAUGHING ITS SERIOUS STUFF! (again not really)
We wake up and immediately reach for our phones before prayers or before we check that our loved ones are beside us. In many parts of the world people don't understand what it means to put off their phones, they've never done it before, they probably don't know how to turn off their phones. We spend countless hours on the phone with an agent half way across the universe whose accent is not quite understandable just because our laptop screens won't show yet a church service that takes about two hrs is long and we don't sit to the end! (am working on changing that, it won't take a day)
Our love for "modernization" is sickening, its everywhere and we don't understand what it does to us, for one it is affecting our communication. Folks hold conversations about their phones, have you ever seen couples on dates but rather than talking to each other, they are busy with their phones. Gossip girl was coiled from real life, people are attached to their phones and its functionalities than they care about their own well being, we cross the street while replying to emails on our blackberry, drive and text on the highway, pick up dinner while checking mobile face book. People go hungry everyday just so they can afford to keep their mobile phones!
And don't get me started with Instant Messaging! A while back I used to laugh in "lol" I didn't realize it for a while though and I notice that am better IMing than talking to people, in fact I noticed recently that I might have developed a speech problem due to my inability to talk to people. Ok it is not that bad yet for me but think of all those intelligent kids that have fallen to the hands of technology throwing text parties (a party that is based on texting....), or laptop parties (you show up a club/bar, and just chat with people via your portable PC) I'm sure you've all attended a few of these events, probably even thought they were fun..... if this is you...YOU GAST A PROBLEM!

We need to create face time, reconnect with the real world, touch people, talk to them as ourselves or the internet personas that we have so come to love. I remember back in the day on a certain Nigerian website, i had folks tracking me down on phone just so I would log on to join discussions and we'd up later to catch up on our "posts". Back in those days, people lost track of time just "contributing" to posts on the internet, although many of them made friends from the site, fact remains that many of them lost love, time, money and even sexual favours based on the length of time spent online.
In recent times, I still have folks that refer me to their blogs when they are having bad days or get mad at me for not calling after reading their blogs....(this is based on their assumption that I read their blogs) People are getting dumped via facebook status (John status just went from "In a relationship" to "Single" and Rose is thinking...."Its over to you too"). I saw a creditor once attack the debtor on facebook "xx stop embarrassing yourself and give me my money" I file that under desperation!.Thank you very much!!!

I am not trying to chastise anybody, I just made a self realization that I thought I would share with the world. I have always been a loveable person, I intend to continue to welcome people with my winning smile even with their iPods on, and I challenge everyone to smile at the next headphone wearing wannabe loner you see so that you can at least be a subject on their twitter "smiled at by hottie". And more importantly, talk to people about the real life, don't start a gossip group based on Lagbaja's blog, when you close your PCs live in the real world and when you are having a bad day...old school it, call a friend, and if you must blog about it, repeat the story to your friends, over and over again, don't rely on FB and Blogger to send the message for you.

In light of this, I feel I must share this audio clip with you. Its apparently two actual voice messages left by a man on a lady's phone. So the story is that, the lady and the guy met at a party and she approached him or so, I don't remember the details but somehow she gave him her business card and said to call....and well he did!

This is what happens when you spend too much time with your technological gadgets.

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Third World Profashional said...

i'm guilty of that facebook ish. sometimes you get so caught up in stuff you forget yourself and want to express your anger, dissapointment, loneliness, sadness, happines [take your pick] through every possible medium