When I was in high school, I took a drama course and we had to do this trust exercise, where you would lie on the floor and your team members would lift you up using just four fingers. The moment you let go and trust them you become lighter and they were able to hold your weight, you doubt them and you fell. TRUST!

In acting, trust is very important, directors before they start reading scripts in my experience would have team building exercises based on trust, because acting in front of a live audience, you have to trust your co-stars to have your back. And we never actually seat back to analyze it because it just never occurs to us, but imagine if Agbako forgot his line and the person he was holding a conversation with just stood there and didn't cover up his mistake...... Trust is everywhere, even here as I type.

Trust takes a really long time to build and it is chattered in a second, think of it as forgetting to be the role model to your cousins, seeing the look on a child's face when the mother/father tells him/her that Daddy/Mummy has left them for another woman/man, finding out that your brother is trying to kill you, or that your role model is a fraud. That your friend who you shed blood for actually went behind your back to land your dream job, these things sometimes are not done consciously but they definitely hurt trust.

You can't feel trust, or hold trust or measure it, it is there or it is not, you cannot buy it, or sell it, or lend it out, and it is not necessary taught in schools with your mathematics and what have you. You can not feel trust or know when you will lose it, it is very complicated, yet so simple.

TRUST! I hate trust, I hate it when people say: "I trust you", for me it is like this weight I have to carry, I hate that weight. I like to know that I can live my life without having to apologize for my decisions, or to think twice before taking an action, and that unfortunately is what trust does to you. It takes away a bit of you, or not, if people look up to you and count on you for who you are or who they think you are and you go and do something that is different from the you that they think they know...suddenly there is that disappointed stench of broken trust

I do not love trust, sometimes I wished I didn't have to live in a world where trust exists and well maybe, things would be better, we'd all be a lot happier, a lot less disappointed and well, emotional pain would be .....poooooof!

And on something absolutely random;

I am watching the mother of the octuplets and it seems she has had some work done (abeg no be slander o, before they attempt to sue me for making an observation) I think she has had three procedures done on her face. Her ears seem to have been pushed back, her nose doesn't look natural and that can be heard in her voice as well and her lips don't look very natural. Then again, perhaps God made her like that, and if she has had that much done to just her face, I don't think she's in the poor house like that......(just saying)

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