I have heard that if you stay somewhere for too long you start to see what you shouldn't see, that is why I like to arrive late at parties and leave early. Now this same adage applies to everything else, if you eat too much, you'll eventually get to the bottom of the pot (which is the sweetest part of every meal by the way, but then you also have the burn or saltiness) and start get that heavy full feeling...yuck! If you smoke too much your mouth starts feeling funny, you get the gist.
So it is past 1 in the morning, I am tired and wornout but I feel like I must finish ironing these clothes, (somedays I just want to throw out the clothes...just saying) So I am taking a break, flipping channels, and then I found it, Rupaul's Drag race on television, if you stay awake long enough you start to catch things you shouldn't be seeing
Rupaul is a "drag" icon, he makes a very handsome man if you ask me, but then she dresses the drag part well too, you probably would not know she was a he, nah...I lie, the hair's always big, the make up EXTRA and he sounds like a man when she's dressed as a woman. So the drag race Rupaul has is like your other celebrity shows the search for the new "drag" phenomenon, sort of like America's next top model meet runway with men. A drag queen is not just an entertainer....she creates her own frock (costume), tries to look the part and of course, knows how to entertain (lip synching is an art, I can tell you that)
So this episode that I just finished, the remaining four contestants had to "vogue", then they had to create an outfit using real fruits, and then they did something else I missed and during "judgement" (or whatever it is they do when they all gather around and be judged) the challenge was to dress up as a business woman and they all did an excellent job...Then they had to do their frock thing and then they did a team performance which was what caught my attention.
Two of the queens decided to perform Mary Mary's SHACKLES.... I am sorry to be stereotypical, but the song is not a "regular" what happened to Studio 54's if you could read my mind, or Gloria Gaynor, or something more upbeat, I don't know I just felt weird about the whole thing after watching the performance and to top it off, one of the contestants upon completing such a "righteous" song, lifted his dress and shook his ass or was it ass clapping that he did with his thonged ass...

In other news, I just started reading THE ALCHEMIST by Paul Coelho, the man is a gifted writer and the book has spoken to people over the years to follow their dreams to climb every mountain to do what they want and to seek their future. We should never have to apologise for who we are, for being intelligent, to chase things we want, because if we don't do it, the universe doesn't stop and weep for us you know. I guess it is all about choice and selfishness and every now and then we should take time to do what makes us happy. I know what makes me happy I have just never really accepted it, but now I'm embracing what makes me happy.....and I say "watch this space" :)

These days people seem to be discussing relationships and cheating partners and I look at people with cheating partners and a lot goes on in my head, what do you do when your partner is cheating on you and you know it. Sure you think of everything else but what is it that makes people stay knowing that their partner has defiled the basic rules of monogamy? Do you in return re-write the rules to accomodate them, throw caution to the wind leave and start not knowing what you will meet where you are going (the devil you know.......) or do you seek a counsellor's help and pray the rosary daily amongst other prayers hoping that they'll change and the spirit of promiscuity would leave them? I don't know I question these things all the time.
And why do we always ask "why"? Sometimes people don't have a reason for doing these things they just do them in a moment of weakness and utter stupidity, I have never woken up and decided to make someone's life miserable...NO I LIE, I've woken up and thought of ways to frustrate the life out of somebody and just when they are about to give up on life show up with a knife on the balcony of the 40th floor of a building, if you must die you need options but am a new person now.. Anyways, I don't understand cheaters, I obviously never want to be one or be on the other side I just wonder what it feels like sometimes you know and having given up lies and deceit, I will never know.....Oh well. Time to get back to ironing.

And does anyone else look at married couples on their wedding day and try to determine if it is true love or just the idea of being married that has gotten them to that moment? Some folks you can tell are getting married because of the ring and the whole ceremony that follows the ring ceremony, and some just get caught in the moment, and each time I see a couple on their wedding day I can't help but try to place them in a category....HAPPILY MARRIED or HAPPY TO BE MARRIED...

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MissIndependent said...

Hey! I like ur blog, think u r really matter-of-factly.
Abt the marriage topic, I have that thot a number of times that r these people actually happy to be together or r they happy to have the title 'married'. I remember a part of 27 dresses where she said her best part of the wedding is when the bride walks in and the groom looks her way, she likes to see the look in his eyes if he is truly happy or he is scared stiff; I think that wld be my 2nd best part of the wedding to when I finally get around to attending weddings cuz that's a defining moment u look at the person u r gonna be with for the rest of ur life and u have to be sure if u really wanna do it.
Nowadays many ppl just seem to get married so they dnt get old waiting, i just hope that when and if we do it wld be for all the right reasons.