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It is that time of the year again, LENT, and this year I gave up something of a sexual nature,I of course will not discuss it, but let it be known that I am doing something this lenten season and I hope that those that gave up chocolates and bad talk are doing well so far.
That being said, SEX!

I was ironing when it came to me that we have completely lost it as a people when it comes to sex, now I am not of the belief that sex is meant just for procreation or that the world should be prudish when it comes to sex, but like everything else I believe that we as a people do not respect sex as much as we could and although the 60s and 70s tried to preach free love, we have stopped smoking marijuana and have stopped hating "the man", I think it is time we gave up the "free love" as well
On television and in movies these days, it seems to be the norm that teenagers (by that I mean kids under 17!) are having sex. Let us reference a movie that pops up in my mind Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist , the kids were still in High school and one of them already had a F.B. and knew that she was pre-orgasmic...REALLY! And two of the characters had sex the first time they met each other, call me prudish, but at 18 in my day, sex meant something more not just plain old fucking and I am sure I am not that OLD! Now let us not even refer to gossip girl , lets stick to the new 90210, in the old one, there was sex, but it wasn't that cheap, the new one on the other hand is PHEWWWW! Nuff said.
I am not saying people should have sex recreatively with as many people as they find fit, in fact, I say if you can, take a sex partner for every day of the year that would be 365 people for one year and then try to see if you remember anyone from January in May......BUT know what exactly it is that you are doing.
Each and every time you have sex, fuck or make love with/to somebody else, you share a bit of yourself with that person, now reverse that as it is a two way street, so as you are giving yourself to someone, you are becoming a teeny weeny bit of that person. Now let us analyze that a bit more, if I give a bit of myself to a stranger who for all I know could be a mass murderer, for all I know I am now a teeny weenzy bit a murderer and then if I keep going down that part sooner or later I'll loose myself and become a body of little pieces of somebodies....... And that is why although I encourage promiscuity, I also think people should understand what exactly it is that they are doing.

I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday that took me back to the discussion I had had with another friend two days before on the subject of homosexuality being synonymous to promiscuity, like SERIOUSLY!!!!! We found that people are of the opinion that being gay meant they are supposed to fuck anything that would take them, not so, homosexuality I believe was built on the foundation of love, on commitment to one person and one person alone. If you have not seen BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN although people argue that Jake Gyllenhall's character was loose, the lovers were "gay for each other" not any other men, and that is what I think homosexuality is about, and I am starting to hate promscious gays, stick to one partner and LOVE IT..... And if you must be promscious do it for a while only, there's nothing fun about taking in 3 random guys in one day....nope

I believe we should talk to our children earlier on about sex and when they have questions we should be quick to answer them the best way possible, I learned about sex from books and the internet, and I don't mean porn, just books that explain everything, the sort you'd find in the library. Oh I also have to credit three wonderful men in my life who have answered every single sex question I've ever posed, it helped me understand sex from different angles and I think I am a better person for that.

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