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I hate that there is not enough information in the proper channels for Nigerian "celebrities", in the 21st century when the local herbalists have mobile phones and a websites, the least every known name could possibly do is hire a riff raff at an internet cafe, pay them 2000 and ask them to keep their online profile updated. This includes but not limited to;
-> paraphrasing what other people have on their sites
-> Doing research on the celebrity (if they cannot get their profile) through online forums, facebook patterns and wikipedia
-> Updating information available on the said celebrity on web forums
-> Making sure the celebrity is known on naijarules.com

Each time I attempt to find out more about somebody, the information I get sometimes angers me, for example, Adaure Achumba's profile on Silverbird television until VERY RECENTLY was a copy/paste of the profile blurb on her blog, now I am not saying that the information could not have been copied, I'm just saying well....clean it up a bit before posting it. Which brings us to information piracy, I once got in trouble for plagarism because I did not put quotation marks on a quote I paraphrased although I had the source's information in the bibliography. Well what that did was teach me to summarize and paraphrase better, and although this involves work, it takes a "specialist" to pick up on my advanced copy/paste skills (just saying).

Not that am picking on the Silverbird team o, but I found an error on Jide Alabi's profile, he is also a part of the STV team, and it says he was born in 1991! Which makes me question the fact that someone actually checks the site for correctness.... Like do they even have a web master (if they don't am in the market o....and am cheap cheap cheap!)
Did anyone go through the MOBO nominees profiles? Apparently D'Banj is still based in London (their words not mine) and he is still 24 years old...!!!!! I want to be 24 at 28 (Dear Santa, I hope you are listening!) They basically copied his profile from Wikipedia, didn't bother doing anything with it.

If you are like me and you have "issues" with your face, you'll find that everyone has a product that works like magic, whether it is acne, or impurities, or discoloration or just well skin irritation, someone just happens to have the "magic cure".
The one thing people forget is that sure the product you use works for you, but do we have the same problems? I don't use anything with sacrylic acid, infact the last time I had a pimple on my face, I took a towel, dipped it in hot water and cooked the sucker off my face, applied some tea tree oil and it was gone. Now the guy that asked me buy tea tree oil I thank.
Now, I've been told that the best advertisement is through word of mouth, and that is sooo true, but true also is the fact that different companies having realized the different needs faces have, have created different products to match those needs, and if your friends tell you to use and exfoliating scrub when pimples are making love to your face then you ought to ask them if they are ok, because scrubbing dead skins off your face does not take away the ripe pimply things on your face, it is almost like fertilizer to them boozooes.
Anyways, people should know their facial products before offering them to people

Now if you have heard me speak, I sound VERY NIGERIAN in my opinion, or maybe I pick my drop my "accent" whenever, but whatever! I cannot stand being in a very obvious Nigerian crowd with folks forging some kind of razz accent. In their heads it might sound different but folks, you are among your people, there's no need to twist your tongue, and speak through your nostrils, you're not Indian, its not attractive...no I take that back, it sorts of attracts my fist to facial structures. Gosh!!! I was out and about a few weeks ago and the accent situation was awful, terrible in fact, left, right and centre folks were just throwing shitty accents around, I was speechless and just decided to drown my frustrations in alcohol.
Why do we feel the need to impress? I don't get it

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Afolabi said...

@ Mamarita--lol at this post..Me, in this my newfoundland is not experiencing the whole faking accent trend. The few Nigerians here speak in ways natural to them (proper English).
It's funny though, cos I feel that Canadians often know when someone's faking an accent, and though they don't say anything, in their minds they've placed one in a lower position since they're sure you're trying so hard to sound like them.