When I was younger, I used to be a very angry person, not any more, am a happier person now; although, every now and then I get the urge to be angry because lets face it am only human. This is to no person in particular but if I hurt you by what am about to say....TAKE IT TO GOD IN PRAYER!

Ladies, especially the so called "future fashion designers" please seat closer and read clearly this one is for you. We get that when you choose styles for your ankara fabrics they look nice on you, and every so often your friends copy your designs, (I'm happy for you) but each time they tell you that you are so good at picking designs you should be a fashion designer,
I've noticed that every tom, dick and lagbaja and lakasugbe is now a designer o, we've seen it all, jumpsuit ankara, hammer pants ankara, a lined tube dresses with extra space for breast enhancers, patch print skirts, I could go on and on, but like Madonna once said "WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE". A fashion designer, goes over and beyond to suit their outfits to the bodies of their models, they innovate, they think AWAY from the box. Vera Wang designed a dress once, I saw it and at first on the rack I thought EWWW...but being a vera wang, I had to see it on someone and boy o boy....I still have not stopped talking about the dress. I can't describe but only one with a true sense of style and class could have done something like that.
So you have an idea, so you think you can innovate, perfect your art if you think its what you want, don't come up with some haphazard idea that has already been perfected mainstream and claim that because it's a different fabric you automatically are a designer and we must all pay $300 for it....No thank you!!!

And this is for all those people who have suddenly fallen prey to Jim Ballisle and co.'s brand of the hand held communication device the BLACKBERRY. I guess when they started they wanted every household to have one like the song "Every family's got one" and we applaud their effort but not everyone is ready for a blackberry, the way I don't think everyone should have a computer.
The facts are these:
  1. Research In Motion designed the handheld device to work with some form of internetwork, thats why when you don't have internet connection, your phone doesn't function properly
  2. The makers of the "blackberry" are CANADIAN (RIM is head officed in Waterloo, Ontario)
  3. With every smartphone, it is "suggested" that you backup your information every so often, so that if the phone happens to drop on the ground and break (oops) all you need is a USB or bluetooth to get all your information back
  4. The Blackberry is not a toy or a fashion statement, it is a telecommunication device!

Knowing this, if you decide to invest in a blackberry because everyone else is "investing" in one, and you don't have an internet plan on your phone and the battery falls out one day...guess what happens... YOUR INFORMATION IS WIPED OUT FOR GOOD


Lets see here, a smart aleck decides that to fix your phone you must "hard reset" it (RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS). Well as you might have guessed, all your information like magic DISAPPEARS... oh no, oh no...oh no

Now that we know this, lets ping each other, my BB pin is $%#@$^^@$ (as if)

And to those of you who have lost your information, I do sincerely apologize I hope you shall now use the Blackberry application that was given to you at the time of purchase of your blackberry.

Lastly. I know that the world was made so that all men can be equal and have access to the same things, but somewhere along the line, the makers of luxury products didn't get that memo, and believe you/me, I have forgiven them a long time ago....so why is it that all those previously PRESTIGE items have now become like pure water, M-Benz producing the B class, BMW with the 100 series, Lexus with IS series (its the car that comes in that awful yellow) and the list goes on, I understand that in a time of economic recession it is better to sell whatever you can but really? Next thing we'll know evey household will have a royce rolls and every other near millionaire will park a Maybach in their driveway....It doesn't please me in the least

And tell your brothers and sisters that think they can sing and dance, the next time I hear bad music on tv with Kenny's music backing, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE!!!! There will be blood, thats for sure

(This message was not sent from my BLACKBERRY!)


Anonymous said...

Mamarita you are one of life's riskers.

Naijadude said...

You can RANT!!

Mamarita said...

Anon: I don't even know what that means...
Naijadude: lol

RocNaija said...

Mamarita.. you're one of those ris lifers..
Uhm.. okay that didn't make sense as well.. :-D

Valid points you made though.. However, it does seem as if it's only the car industry that's been dumbing down..

Jaja said...

Total laughs...
Sent from my iPhone

Tella said...

Hey Marita...I remember you from a long time ago...lol, nice blog, I see you're not a one time ranter...it's a lifestyle...Go Chica! that's what's up!