Today started out as one of those days that I didn't want to get out of bed, the alarm went off and my subconscious tuned it out and out and out until it went off but my body remembered that I needed to work today so it went off sleep mode at a little after 8, usually at the sight of the number 8, I'd fly out of bed into a showers but somehow this morning, I just laid there dreading the fact that morning had come.
Somewhere, miles away from me, young men woke up hours before I, said good morning to their wives, readied their children for school, kissed their wife and vowed to see them after earning their daily breads. Some luckily fulfiled that vow and are now heading back home or are already back home with their spouses. Others....well, perhaps others did make it in the door but not to their seats, or maybe even they made it to their seats but by some misfortune, ended up in the hospital, for once I like that option better.
The month of October is lay off month in many companies and to be honest, in all of my working life, I've never seen a "corporate" firing, the only thing I can say about it is that it is PURELY HEARTLESS. Nothing left to say, and I've played it over and over in my head to understand the rationale behind this firing strategy and I keep coming up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
You work in the door in the morning to meet your boss and his/her boss and their HR consultant rushing to meet you at the door to guide you into a conference room, only to be further humiliated with a stupid speech about structural changes and how you well...currently no longer have a job but have a month to work with somebody to get another job. Who's idea is this? And did they consider other alternatives? (i.e. hand a gun with one bullet or a sharp object to the person, lock them up in a room with a letter or better still do it via text or email from the HR department)
And the managers just walk around on D-Day like they are so confused and they are as shocked as anybody else, its like everything else in life, it is a choice you make, I think the huge cheques on some level cover those days when you have to let go of someone you're so fond of, don't make things worse by pacing around like you think you've done something bad. Rationalize and stand by your decision because let us face it, its the only thing you have!

I am so pissed today, I almost didn't do anything but I thought of all the lovely innocent people who are impacted by my work and decided to do something, but it is not for the establishment I'll tell you that much.

I think it is very hypocritical how people prance on the days they have to live out their evil decisions, I think that you have two choices, and people would be able to rationalize with you if you really believe you are doing the right thing. I mean think about all the times you've slapped your neighbour for stealing your candy, you didn't feel bad afterwards because you felt you had done the right thing. And I don't blame the folks who do the firing, am only saying, the moment you make up your mind to go through with letting someone go, before you do the deed, understand what you've just done, rationalize it, explain it to yourself and accept it. So when the day comes and you have to face it, you do it with the confidence it deserves, there is nothing worse than a jittery manager after getting rid of staff members that just tells me that I cannot trust you.
If you are being told to let go of me, I would at least like to know that you either fought to keep me or felt that it was the right thing you were doing, and if you want to look so good, refuse to do it! And if you have no choice at least let me know ahead of time so that I am prepared, all that distancing from staff members and attending pointless meetings and staying away from the office is just BOGUS!!!!

I'm happy for my job and I love what I do, but I don't think am working for the right people ON THE LARGE SCALE :(

*typed but not edited....*

In other news MATT DUSK's CD just dropped...HATTTNESS

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