On love and other flavorless water :)

Before I go on I would like to offer an electronic round of applause to all those men and women who have loved and lost, been burnt by love, been touched by the hands of everlasting love and for some reason or the other lost grasp of it; you are the reason we skeptics still long for love and pretend to fall in love at the end of every romantic novel society forces down our throats.

That being said, I am writing to my young lady who thought she had her heart broken after playing hard to get for a month, I laugh! Love, you don’t know what heart break is;
Heart break is when you wake up in the morning and feel the urge to kill yourself and just lie in bed for fear of facing reality

Heart break is when you drink water to quench your thirst and it feels like stones going down your throat and the only thing that feels remotely normal is the tears that continually flow down your eyes

It is what you feel that makes you tell your neighbor to go and die just because they uttered the kind words “good morning”

It is when you hear the name of the one you love been uttered and your chest tightens and you struggle to breathe and you can’t stand, you can’t sit, your head feels light, and blood seizes to flow through your body

It is the point in time, the only point in time, you contemplate standing at the balcony of the CN tower, pretending to “fly” because secretly you wish the wind would blow you away and you seize to exist.

Heartbreak is when your heart literarily stops beating, your five senses cross, and you start to hear your smell and see noise and feel the saltiness, taste the softness of cashmere on your skin and nothing makes sense to you.

The world seizes to exist and each day feels like a thousand years because your heart seizes to leave the past.

The young man who once loved but lost, and went through heart break, upon seeing the object of his affection after recovering through his heartbreak, does not walk slowly away from her like in the movies, or yell at the top of his voice the words SHE DEVIL, no, he held his wife tightly and introduces her to you, the one that left him for death. But he has moved on, he is happily married with a beautiful daughter, and well you never got around to that, and upon seeing how good a man he is you want to go back to him?!!! COME ON sista!!!

Just because he cared for you, begged you to stay and share his bed with other men just to be close to you, THEN, does not mean that you have wrapped around your middle finger, BE IT AS IT MAY, he may love you and love you forever, somewhere deep inside, he cares more for his life and his wife and beautiful daughter, he loves them more than life itself because he plunged back in and realized that love was a two way street, not just muffled up emotions, ending in ecstatic cries of pleasure, wet foreheads and candied apples.

He’s gone, so yes he is your friend, and he cares for your well being, but sista, don’t wear that short black dress to his house pretending to be in the area just because his wife is out of town visiting relatives, because you think you can have him back if you want. He’s gone, you are only wasting your time; he’s cried, denied, accepted and refused you in his life, and the thin line between love and hate is what still keeps him cordial, if you cross that line with your selfishness, HE WILL HATE YOU and yell SHE DEVIL and write profanities on your house and call your employer to tell them you are a call girl just to get you fired and no one would blame him.

When all that love turns to hatred, he will make it his life’s mission to see to it that you never find true happiness, lose all that he has just to make sure you never have a smile on your face; YES, he will pay men to stalk you, to stop you on the street and sign autographs of naked girls and tell you that you look ugly in person. And have weird people call you to yell at you and hang up and don’t try to change the number or move countries, if his love turns to hatred he will find you and be angrier that you are actually making him work.

Apologize and walk away, you may hurt him twice


Shalzylala said...

hmmmmmmmmmm. dts deep

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

iwaotan said...

im not suprised...
deep thoughtful and creatively contsructed...hope this isnt u...lol...write,, ure born to do it.

Mamarita said...

Thanks y'all :)

Monique said...

Great I love what you have to say!!!