Ok so I saw one of the worst things that one would consider a music video, it is worst than all those things I had seen in the past and wanted to take out my eyes over, it was bad. I mean there are songs you hear and you excitedly wait for the music video to come out, because there's a certain concept in your head and you're sure it will rock, and then you see the video and you suddenly hate the song.

And, and, and, if I remember correctly, weren't music videos meant to sell a song and not kill it? If you are not into the Nigerian music scene, I apologize in advance! Anyways, so the band of four, Styl Plus, yeah that's what they call themselves, had this lovely song, IMAGINE THAT, everywhere you went back in the day, a party wasn't a party till the song came on....It was just a lovely song, and I said I would never see the music video and that one should not be made, but NO, a year later after their record had sold the equivalent of a million copies (this is just from "pyration"!) they went and made a video for the song. IT WAS AWFUL to say the least. I saw the video and just spat out the really fine wine in my mouth, my food suddenly lost its taste and I broke out with hives, I swear it my body was swollen for days and I itched like a $#%#*#^&@&^@
(I still haven't forgiven styl plus till today, because how can you screw up a video like that, if they went to different clubs and just taped people dancing, it would have sufficed, what they did was just rubbish, and if you think otherwise, my fist has a message for your nose!)

Don't even let me get on 9ice's case with his Gongo Aso and street credibility videos, did we need videos for the songs - maybe, after we stopped playing the songs did we need the videos then...MAYBE NOT. And if you will take your sweet time producing music videos for a song that has managed to sell itself without a supporting act, then you don't just go into a studio, cut and paste everything that looks nice in your head, you develop a concept and stick to it. I mean, MO HITS went to ILASHE one sunday after noon I'm presuming, and they were catching their fun and someone started playing their song MY GRIND and they shot a video guerrilla style and yes you might not have seen the video, but it had some form of structure to it, they were on their grind and they were in a pool and there was someone holding Don Jazzy's stick through out the video. It made a lot of sense

That being said, I just saw the video for FALL IN LOVE by D'banj; where do I start?
I've been a huge follower of the Mo hits' movement, I've gone on unauthorized tours with them, I've been a groupie/waited in line for autograph like everyone else, screamed OMG when they passed, threw their g-strings on stage, I think I even fainted one in concert (righttttttttttttttt............) Anyways, you get the gist I follow the Mo Hits' movement, am a huge fan, at one time I wanted to name my child kokolet but changed my mind (how am I suppose to explain having a child and naming it to my family members?!)

In my eyes D'banj could do no wrong, he sings, I dance, he spits, I swallow, he blinks I open your eyes, and even when I thought he wasn't making sense, I smiled all the same but can someone explain to me the meaning of the music video for FALL IN LOVE.

I just heard that he used the ladies from the face of Africa in the video, sure, but what was the concept, with such an idea GBELO GBEBO would have worked perfectly, or the song ENTERTAINER, the song was not meant to make sense, he said he was an entertainer and he could do anything and we would still be entertained if he used a video that made absolutely no sense, I'd have been all for that, but FALL IN LOVE and the stupid video...COME ON!!!
As I said to my friend, I think he needs to release a press release apologizing for the defamation of character and claim that bad people were trying to make him look bad by putting up the wrong video with him in it and disassociate himself from the video TOTALLY. As a fan, I would accept the apology and even attempt to track down the "scrupulous" persons that would have done such a bad thing. I don't know, I just don't know......SMH!

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