I would like...if I may...take you on a strange journey

When I was younger I called myself an entertainer, I loved to perform; my number 1 cousin and I used to stand in front of the stones – our audience, the metal poles our microphones and we just sang and entertained. It was our past time when everyone else went to lesson and till today, I smile when I recall those moments; I was the kid that got into trouble for over entertaining the class, but managed not to get punished with everyone else, I was in a bunch of school plays and a few folks can mention hearing me sing – that was my old life.
I love music and entertainment, as a matter of fact, when am not working on being a CEO, I think of alternative careers on stage, I know I’d be good at it if I took directions or maybe not, I can’t say.
Every now and then I hear music that lifts me up or puts me down (whatever the mood I’m trying to get to is) and it works, but then sometimes I hear a tune and I run to the bathroom to throw up, it’s like rape to my ears some things I hear and torture to my eyes the things I see. I just heard someone’s rendition of HALLELUJAH originally written by Leonard Cohen (you’ve heard it in Shrek and the girl that won X FACTOR Alexandra Burke sang it for her finale) and this particular version am talking about WAS FLAT! It had no life whatsoever, it wasn’t coming from anywhere it felt like the girl (I refuse to call her a singer/musician)just belched the song for lunch money….
Some songs are meant to be sung with passion; in fact all songs should be sung with some sort of passion, imagine if Pavarotti’s la donne mobile was sang while he was distracted, we would never have heard about the operetta RIGOLETTTO or even know the three tenors, or if Andrea Bocelli sang his songs without carefully and lovingly bringing birth to them with his vocal chords, he would have been just another man on the streets doing street opera (yes "doing") Or if Michael Jackson performed on stage with the thought of home life he was going to? If you can consider those things then you’ll see what I mean.
I believe that singing is part talent, part passion, look at all the lovely musicians you know, they put their whole body into it, they don’t just sing like they are being paid to do it, and then look at the crappy ones (I’d name names…but!)
When Brittany Spears danced on stage that time when she first divorced that guy Fred or what was his name? We all thought she sucked, boo’ed her off the stage, threw tomatoes at are and called her names girls didn’t like (ok maybe just in my head but you get the gist), there was no life in what she was doing and then she found her mojo again and now we all seek Amy *raises brow*
Now am not saying that I’m the world’s best singer/performer but am saying people should put a little bit of life in what they are doing, if you must sing a good song, feel the song, gyrate your hips to it, think of yourself in love with the song and you are slowly letting it take you, just feel it take over you, don’t let go like you are shy feel it, who knows you just might reach an heightened state of satisfaction and if you are preorgasmic….QUIT AND GO HOME!!!

Am off…

Soundtrack: Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show

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