Thursdays with Mamarita :O

If you can make any sense out of all of these, please feel free to explain it all to me :)

When am in a funk and I need to get out of it, I remember my favorite joke in the whole entire world;
Two young men are on a bus sitting next to a woman who's got her stroller nearby, and one of the young men says to the other "Yo thats a f'ugly baby". To which the other responds "Thats a rude thing to say to a person" and then he smiles at the baby in the stroller turns to the mother and says "Your monkey is precious!!!!" Each time I think of that joke, I laugh so hard I whizz!!! It is my happy place :)

    A long time ago, I read somewhere that setbacks are a gift, if you accomplished everything you set out to do when you set out to do, you will not know about the world around you or appreciate the little things. I think that failure at the early stages of one's life should be embraced, it may be easier said than done but let us face it, if you've faced "the worst thing that could ever happen to you" you go on thinking to youself "the worst is behind me now", you would be accostomed to it, know the feeling and well not accept it but know how to deal with it.

    Now am not saying you should purposefully loose or fail at whatever you are doing, I'm just saying welcome it early on in your endevours and learn to deal with it. Part of a process management practice at one of these Japanese plants was praising failure. I may be understating this, please do forgive me, and the Japanese have really helped the field of TQM a great deal...just saying So if you made a mistake you'd put up your name on a board with the mistake and if anyone could fix it for you, they'd change the issue to a smiley face and help you with it. In that way, you learn what you're doing wrong and not just go through life thinking you're doing everything right.

    When you fall, you stand look behind you to see why you fell and well avoid that mistake in the future, someone once said "We fall down and we get up" When you fall, or loose, or relapse at something remember the "cause" walk on it and continue and in that way you look fear in the face and say you don't scare me. That being said, EAT A FAT JUICY UGLY FROG A DAY, it'll change your life and try to name 5 impossible things before breakfast and make them possible!!!!

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