I may never have time to fix the background

    A while back, I was having a very pleasant conversation with colleagues I had never really socialized with and I forget a lot of the things we talked about but I remember in the end, one of them told me how impressed they were with my intellect; as we were in a social gathering, I laughed and said I pretend to be dull so no one wastes my time. In my head though I had taken them down and practiced all my Muay Thai punching skills on their face.        
   I get a similar reaction when my non-religious friends realize that I am a “practicing Christian”, apparently nothing about me puts me in “that category”, we often don’t realize that religion is not about intolerance to others (I’m apparently extremely liberal) and more about the love of God as shared with our fellow earthlings.
I have been asked for proof like church is like a coffee shop where you can get your card stamped every time you attend mass and they can count 26 stamps. (For all those pastors out there, it might be wonderful idea, I’m thinking charge $1 for those who stay to the end, those who come in half way and stay to the end $10; those who come in late and leave early $20….eh, salvation may be free but we’re running a business)
      Jokes aside, I find that we often write people off, and put them in boxes and expect nothing of them without giving them a chance to tell their stories and perhaps I may be guilty of that as well.

        I started my weblog many years ago, when it was a web space on netscape and I wrote with no care and didn’t care who was reading because my musings meant nothing, like berries growing on the road side people either read and moved on, or didn’t bother at all and I am very good with that. I was also in a very unpleasant place when I started, I think I feel much better (in case anyone is wondering)

 I guess I am really saying…. I may be back?!

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