Here's to the ladies who lunch

Some people are just plain silly or stupid but definitely should not be allowed any further into the educational system or worse still workforce! They're handling our businesses dealing with our financial records and they still don't know how to get to their classes after over 3 weeks of being in the same class, someone explain it to me!
Its been happening all 4king week long first week was understandable we all didn't know where to go, second week, maybe a little bit, I was sick most of third week so I can't really comment on that but then 4th week, we're having classes and people are barging in like there's no tomorrow, they'd walk all the way from the front door to the front of the class and then go "oh" and walk away...UHN????? Did u see the number in front of the door, no scrap that, don't you know where you class is and if you're not sure why are you arriving late? Where's the damn time table? Check it?????

Pstttt, and today just really got to me, am trying to "focus" in class amidst the distraction, you know the boy playing solitaire on his laptop the one talking to his girl friend on msn, the bargers who don't know where to be and the professor wasn't helping matters either with his soothing voice and then this particular guy walks in, I took him for one of the others, *he'll soon turn, he'll soon turn*. Hope he was "one of us"!, goodie and late too, he took his time to the 5th row, squeezed himself through a couple of innocent kids who love the edge seats, made his way to centre seat, sat down, brought out his laptop and then realized he was in the wrong class!!!!! if I were him I honestly would have just sat down and pretended like nothing happened, homeboy snoop, upon the realization i nthe 4th of classes that the prof wasn't familiar, the students didn't look like anyone he'd seen in his class and the textbook that was placed on almost everyone's desk didn't look like his packed up his laptop, placed it in his bag, stood up disturbed the poor innocent souls again, apologized for coming into the wrong class and then left!!!! I was so ready to run out of class just to go wring his neck, now that sort of person has a blackberry thats definitely being paid for by a company, does God knows what and can't even notice that he's in the wrong class???? IT IS like totally OVER!

Graduation is almost upon us and am not sure what am supposed to do with my life after university, so I want to go to grad school and do lord knows what. I wanted to study psychology but that thought has been thrown out the window by "mentor dearest". Now am not sure, for one I don't know where I want to live next, I mean Canada has been great, I've been in Toronto 7 years, people have been here 14 years, and think am overreacting, I don't care I think I might be tired of Toronto, I've done it all, beach days, camping, pride parades, caribana, cn tower, air canada centre, skydome, niagara falls, I've gone to buffalo for lunch, taste of the danforth. I've seen what toronto has to offer, I've made friends and watch them go away and I think the time might be ripe to move to a different city and bring about new changes, I'm thinking Vancouver or Calgary, Montreal seems like a perfect place too mainly because I can move to some tiny village in Quebec and finish with french once and for all, but McGill's masters program are limp....
I don't know and time is flying by sooooooooooooooooooooo fast, I might just stay an extra semester out of fear of the real world.

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