All my life I've always wanted to be an actress, I am not sure I have completely given up on that dream yet, I believe the stage is my life, I want it the more when I watch musicals, I am sure I'd have a whole lot of fun learning dance sequences and singing at the same time, wow! I'd live a public life for that I know I can do it.
I just finished watching Evita by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man is GOOD! He takes words and sounds and puts them together and they form amazing stories and they bring out the emotions of the people that he is writing about. I have loved Evita for a really long time, I wanted to play Evita, *I know am black....* I loved singing DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA,
"Have I said anything I could think of to say to you, all you have to do is look at me and you'd know that every word is true" The Evita songbook is as powerful as the big screen version, funny thing is I bought the soundtrack before I watched the movie and when I hear a song I try to think about what it would look like on video and to be honest, whoever made Evita must have stolen my ideas.
And not just Evita, I remember when my drama group went for a seminar in Guelph, we watched Jesus Christ Superstar, and I fell in love with that musical, I went back home and rented both the stage version and the one that was done in the 70s...... I loved many of Mary Magdalene's songs, they captured her as the bible intended her to be seen, she was soft and gentle and a devote follower of Christ yet her part was not established. And there was Judas, Oh my goodness, I love Judas....I love his final song before he killed himself... he sang:
Every time I look at you I don't understand
Why you let the things you did get so out of hand.
You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned.
Why'd you choose such a backward time in such a strange land?
If you'd come today you could have reached a whole nation.
Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication.
Don't you get me wrong. I only want to know.
And Mary Magdalene's song after Peter betrayed Jesus
I've been living to see you.
Dying to see you, but it shouldn't be like this.
This was unexpected, What do I do now?
Could we start again please?
I've been very hopeful, so far.
Now for the first time, I think we're going wrong.
Hurry up and tell me, This is just a dream.
Oh could we start again please?

I think you've made your point now.
You've even gone a bit too far to get the message home.
Before it gets too frightening, We ought to call a vote, So could we start again please?
I can gladly say that might have been my favorite of all the other songs.....

The songs just captured what must have been going through the mind of Jesus in my opinion anyway and turned into song and dance...WOW. Lloyd Webber must have been there when the talents were being handed out

I remember my first heartbreak, Andrew Lloyd Webber was there, it was first year of University and I was liking this certain man and things just didn't work out.....I wrote end of the affair listening to my mix of Andrew Lloyd Webber's music, it consisted of:
*Pie Jesu from Requiem for a dream .......(best sang by Sarah Brightman)That lady's voice is POWERFUL, I would cry and write and cry some more not because I was sad but because I needed to cry
*Tell me on a sunday - "Don't write a letter when you want to leave"
* Memories from Cats..... Oh my goodness, that song is a total tear jerker, you'd have to hear the whole over and over again before you realize how sad it actually it is and then curl under the covers and cry like there was no tomorrow..... Yes I used to love to cry in the privacy of my bedroom
*Think of Me, music of the night, all I ask from you from Phantom of the Opera....I love Phantom of the Opera I've never seen it live I've seen the movies and I love the soundtrack. If anyone has ever heard Think of Me, everything goes ok and then at one point towards the end, Christine does a little solo where she strains her voice for like a minute and everytime I hear that my head just swells up, I don't know why, it just happens

I love Andrew Lloyd Webber and even if I never get to meet him he has touched my life. Music has touched my life in so many ways.

On my own from les miserables is also one of the songs that makes me cry, the kid is on his own pretending Jacque is beside him, it is just sad....

One day I was at Sam the Record Man and they were having a great deal on cds, somehow I ended up with Kat and The Kings....Its about a group of South African singers, and what they had to go through being black and South African during the Apartheid period. If you liked UMOJA you'd definitely love Kat and the Kings, its sort of the same thing.....One sec Kat and the kings is making you cry, and then they're making you laugh and next thing you know they're making you move your feet. South African musicals are just beautiful, from the days of Ibi Tombi "aya aya aya o itombi a, ibi ntombi a itombi a," Their musicals just have a certain life in them that can only be South African

In other news its almost christmas, my favorite time of the year


Biodun said...

lol, u sure love musicals, I am yet to see most of the ones u mentioned but I love musicals too. I loved Evita and cant ever get enough of Rent. I saw it live n also the movie too.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

I love musicals but i love the opera even more... luv this writeup babe

Naijadude said...

I love musicals too, I bet there are lots we must do together!!! ;)

Daddy's Girl said...

I love Andrew Lloyd Webber's work too. Amazing. And Sarah Brightman's voice - truly unforgettable. Enjoyed reading this.