To kill a mockingbird!

If you ever decide to buy an apartment try to check up on the security people amongst other things, find the minorities in the building and make sure they are happy... My parent's apartment building is just not it. All the wahala they've put me through is just disgusting. So three years ago before we all moved to where we are now, we lived across the street...LITERARILY, we moved from 99 to 100, well they paid the downpayment for the apartment, about 2 and a half years before we moved in, they paid sometime in 2001 they didn't start building the house till early 2004 and we were supposed to have moved in sometime late 2002! I know rightttttt. No one complained, we watched the land just seat there for a while, everytime my parents would talk to the builders about getting their money back, all na story, finally when we were about to go crazy, they started building, THANK GOD.
Moving in was another kasala, people were waiting, *I know of a family that literarily lived in a hotel for 6 months because their apartment wasn't ready and they sold their old house to move into the new one*. Sha slowly but surely people started moving in, we waited patiently for the call from our realtor that our apartment was ready.
Uhm, March came, April came, so did May and June, July, finally at the end of July, they called us to move in, we went to check out the apartment we were moving into, no locks on the door, the wooden floor wasn't done, the cooker and fridge took their places in the living room, walls weren't painted, my room merged with the living room, no doors, the bathroom wasn't even then. And this people were threatening hell if we didn't move in, my mother was freaking out, me I wanted to spill blood. Anyway talk here, talk there, they put lock on top door and asked us to move in....
I am a hobo in a XXX,000 dollar house that live savings went into. My mother was doing yeye bon cop, they put some things in place and she closed on the house....UHM!!! YAWA

We were still living in our old house, we would wake up in the morning, run to their little office and cry that the children in Africa were dying and mysteriously re-appearing in our apartment before they did anything. Gosh!!! People are wicked, and my dad was in Lagos, my mother was doing scary cat, "if we cause trouble, they can kick us out and give us back our money" WHO BORN THEM? But well, I just stopped caring. They took their sweet arse time to finish up our place, finally by September we were fully moved in to our new apartment.
I thought we had it bad, our neighbour didn't have a sink for about a month! If na me o, I for collect my money and gone to buy a decent house somewhere in suburbs. It is not worth it, my room is TINY, it is literarily a twin bed and tiny table/storage/chair thing I picked up from Ikea. I haven't lived in my room in months, it is where we store our things!
The interior designer lady that was lucky to have finally moved in back in May after living from house to house *thank God her kids are all grown up*, for months she gave up at one point and just wanted her things out of the storage. And everyone that moved into the building back in 2004/ early 2005 has the same story to tell, the ones that didn't have shower doors, bath tubs and were being forced to move into their buildings are all there. We were still getting things done in our apartment as of early 2005!!

Now we went through all that, I understand that the price was decent *yeah right* and we are lucky to be living downtown without the hassle of downtown, blablabla, but all the wahala wasn't just it. Our parking lot is a maze. 8 floors down, and you cannot park at the visitor's parking. Say for instance am on my way out, I get a call from Nigeria and I have to run up to call my folks, I am expected to go back down 8 floors, park the car and then come back up, make the call, and then bring the car back up 8 floors....*and am extremely stupid*. Sha the "management" of the building decided to start giving me tickets o...which is where things started to get to me.

9 out of 12 months am the only one living in the building, I don't complain about a lot of things, my bathroom sockets don't work, my shower door leaks all the time, people smoke GOOD weed and it stinks to my apartment, my fireplace doesn't work, I can't go the gym after midnight because they LOCK THE GYM! And the list goes on, and we're paying maintenance fee on top the mortgage and I can't park my car for 10 minutes in the visitor's parking because it is visitor's parking and what do I expect the guests to do when they visit....HABA

Why all the story? My uncle from London takes courses at U of T and is usually at our place from Sunday night till Wednesday. The "rules" for guest parking is 3 night limit per week.....*whatever*. Anyway, my uncle has been doing his thing since september and suddenly as he was about to leave last week, he saw a note on his car saying he is no longer considered a guest!!! Some idiot had the audacity to tell my "Guest" that he is not considered a guest....because apparently now the "management" is telling me who lives in my house and who doesn't.
So my uncle called us from London and I went straight to the consierge, new guy, I used to smile at him and say hello everyday but that day I wasn't in the mood. The man said Management said that my uncle parks there everyweek and so he is no longer considered a guest....*I swear I started seeing stars*
After ranting, the poor security man told the truth that it was the "head of security" that told him to stop issuing my uncle a parking permit. Now here's what I find wrong with the situation.
  • If I have a guest and he is doing something wrong, you come to me and tell me, like all decent, responsible people should do.
  • No one should tell me who my guests are, if someone is a guest, he is a guest until you can prove that he pays rent and lives with me contributing his quota to the "family".

Anyway, finally this evening, I caught the "head of security" and we finally danced the happy dance...I have history with the man

1) he was there when we first moved in, he was the one that was trying to force us to sign the papers (totally not his fault, but if the boss asks him to put his hand inside fire, I bet he wouldn't, so why would he see an uncompleted apartment and advise us to move in....)

2) He never really approved of me because I let my friends park at the lot whenever they wished and apparently they pay him by the amount of free spots available

3) He once told my sister's boyfriend that he didn't have proof that the car we sold to him is actually his and not ours...(ok I kind of see his point but REALLY........)

4) My friend once returned my car *with the keys* to him because well he couldn't go into the basement and I wasn't home and this idiot actually got my car tagged, I almost killed him that day but apparently death is punishable

5) He kisses up to my dad and treats the rest of us like dirt *so we're parasites...die if you must, but hating is just shameful*

Anyways, Head of Security guy and soon as we got to his post we let us in...I was tired of yelling so my sister did all the talking, the man started by saying my uncle's car is always there and so "management" thinks he lives with us.

And can you prove that?

I'm looking at my logbook and it shows me that he is always here and the rules state that you can't get a permit for more than 3 nights.

And am sure that sunday night till tuesday night exceeds the 3 night limit and yet you issue him passes your uncle doesn't live with you? Ok I didn't know that, I never got you new plate number because your sister said you sold the other car that I always see (this is usually the part in the movie, when someone slaps someone)

my sister explained that our own car got into an accident, hence its absence in the parking lot

Ok, I'll issue a parking permit, but your uncle can only get a permit three nights in a week

And pls next time you have a problem with our guest have the decency to contact us first, and I need you and your people to apologize to my guest for your stupidity (na my sister talk am o)

Oh...they told your guest, they didn't follow procedure.....

*cut* You dont want to know how many times my friends have been told they can't park outside, or the amount of confrontations that have come up with my friends and this certain man.....

That was when I left the room cos if I had stayed I would have killed the man

Then the elevator opened and out comes my Uncle looking so excited..

"You people went to fight and you didn't call me....." CHEI! My family love trouble so

Anyways we got the pass and my sister was still yelling, and my uncle was calming her down when I just went back into the room place to tell him that I knew he stopped the permit giving on my Uncle's car because he thought it was mine....Suddenly he forgot the new plate number talk that he had with us, and said it wasn't him that did it o, someone else....All the other security people don't cough till "head of security" tells them to do so, and I was shown the note written beside my Uncle's plate number in their log *which was now contraband, sayeth H.O.S.* by the other security man. I told him quite frankly that I knew he was against me, and he started denying it, I said a couple of harsh things that are HIGHLY offensive to brown people just to get to him and I am sure we would not be having this problem in the future.:)


Naijadude said...

Heheheh drama! seems like fun, but sometimes it doesnt just worth it , we just leave the human beings and let them do what they can, they might think we are weak but they might be getting it wrong.

WHEN DO WE GO ON CHURCH STREET, cos its not new to me that you have been there, hahah!

NaijaBloke said...

Wow!!! I actually had to go back up to check which city u live in ...LOL

This is sure is drama..nice blog will be back

Yellow Vespa Guy said...

Way to go, tell those bitches off! Love it.