Its that time of the year again......BOXING DAY SALE!!! Wot wot....So my list this week is a car, an mp3 player, 2 black boots, and some pants, I am doing all my sleeping tonight so that tomorrow at 6am I'll be the first one at eaton centre SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGG. Ladida

I always wondered what Christmas was about anyways, when we were at church for the children's christmas mass, the kids were so cute and the Priest talked about how the manger for the pagent was built right below Jesus on the cross, and the kids pointed out that Jesus is born and Jesus dies just like all of us, he came to the world to die for our sins and on Christmas the greatest sacrifice should always be remembered. Jesus was born to die so that man's sins can be washed with his blood. So who is St Nicolas aka Santa Claus, and what the heck are reindeers and them Frosty the snowman, what role do they play in the greatest sacrifice, why do we give gifts, recieve gifts, celebration of the birth of Christ? Shouldn't those gifts be given to the homeless, the poor, in fact maybe next year I'll work a soup kitchen on Christmas, giving back to the world as I have little myself.

"The kids were so cute"
I remember when I was in boarding school in Cotonou, there were a couple of youngins between 4-7 at my school, Editha was one of them I don't remember ever seeing Editha's parents, I think she was an orphan, but I felt she was too young to be in Boarding school no matter how fantastic it was. And there was that child that spoke a lot of Yoruba, I don't remember her name but I still don't remember seeing her parents.
There were other young kids in there as well, at least those ones I still saw their parents, I remember Godini, he liked to be like one of the older boys, he'd tell his parents to leave whenever they came to visit, because the other guys didn't think it was cool, bless his little heart, I wonder where he is these days.
But most importantly, I remember Yemi, he was the cutest kid ever, barely 5 at the time and he was in BOARDING SCHOOL. Shyt, maybe he was even 4, I don't know, he was in kindergarten while I was in JSS2 and it just hit me yesterday after so many years that Yemi had a father and a mother but he spent his week with us in the hostel and the weekend at some other "home" for kids. His parents just sent the money and ignored the fact that the boy ever existed, and the father of this boy keeps procreating and what the heck is he doing with those children, and there are so many men like him that want children but haven't got the faintest idea what to do with them. ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I hope Yemi is well, I hope he is back with his parents or at least at peace with the world around him, I hope Yemi and all those other children whose parents discard them because, well they can't be bothered with them and dump them in boarding school at a young age and never visit them realize that, it really sucks for the kids and it takes away from them. And I wish them all a Merry Christmas, and if people can't take care of their own children, then they shouldn't have them, many people are willing and able to take care of children but are not able to concieve. LIFE SUCKS WHEN YOU'RE THE LITTLE "PEOPLE".



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I'm glad to see you finally posted - - I wondered if you were okay. Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family. Best wishes for a Happy New Year

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Merry Xmas mamarita and best wishes for the New Year ahead!!

Hope you got good bargains in the sales. I'm not keen on them this year. Thats cos my pocket is flat out!! (smile)

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Happy New Year babe