I have been told that I say the meanest things to people in the most polite ways. Ok scratch that, I sometimes open my mouth and then realize what I have just said and you know how it is when someone curses you and you don't know they'd cursed you till they cover their mouth then suddenly the Peter Griffin effect wears off and you realize what has just happened and you feel terrible. So as a decent person, when I realized I've said something I shouldn't have said, I just look away like nothing happened that way the person that is being spoken to doesn't necessarily think I've said anything wrong.

I've always hated ignoring people, I mean we all know how it feels to be ignored, you're talking to someone and they just walk away, why not just pour your cheap drink in my face and call it a bloody day! Shhhhh. I remember my little sister in Lithuania (who I have to call...) was telling me about her one year in the States, people'd come up to her asking her how her day was, she'd open her mouth to start yarning *obviously* and they'd just walk away. Insolence! Off with his head....NOWWWWW

We are all guilty of rude misconduct one way or another, you know, me personally, when I'm on the phone and I can't hear the other person clearly, I hang up. Or when people speak with extremely strong accents or speech impediment problems I just tune off, smile and nod and not even bother taking the time to listen to what they are trying to say. Ok I guess I make up for it with the fact that I speak extremely fast sometimes, I used to stammer a lot as a kid and my mum used to yell at me or just walk away, I would think I should be more understanding. Well anyways.

So to make up for my insolence, I try to talk to people that no one else can stand, you know blabber mouths that don't know how to shut up and apparently its rude to tell them to shut up, and so people walk away from them. Not I, I find intelligent ways to tell people to zip it. The other day some kid was just going on and on at a meeting of like minds, and everyone else started shuffling and thing to get him to shut up, apparently I lack tact, so I stood up and asked someone to call me when the boy was done talking. He was quiet for the rest of the meeting, till today when I say hey to him on the hallway he looks away....Shio, like his face is on an important currency.

Of which, I live my life as a princess, ever since Diana died, I realized that I had to be more of a Princess, you know people are always watching you and being in the public eye is not easy, you can't really live life, you can't be free, drink as much booze as you want and wake up in your own vomit. (Ok I don't want that) You can't see a cutie on the side of the street and bart your eyes at him, if a young man looks at you twice, suddenly he disappears. At least one should be thankful they get to live a little.

And then you decide to leave your home country. You know what that means, treaties have to be signed with other countries that if something happens to you, heads must roll and war may start. And even though people tell you that you are free, you are not, you always have to look your best, God forbid you break a nail, its the end of the world as people know it.

I guess there are perks, you don't ever have to worry about anything because you are taken care of, it is unheard of that a King is overthrown and his family is thrown in jail and stripped of all their wealth and titles and oh God MAIDS!. I mean seriously the kingship thing is in the blood, its just there, you can't kill 3 generations of Princes/Princesses and their cousins. Unless of course your cousins try to kill you. No, cousins wouldn't be that devious, thats why we all played together as children, you know, at that time no one knew anything, a house was just a house and mum and dad just liked jewelry and travelling around the world and being driven in big cars was just because Daddy was special and Mummy was extremely pretty.
You don't even have to worry about getting your heart broken or falling in love, its all taken care of, a Young duke of noble parentage who you grew up with will one day fall on one knee and tell you how gorgeous you are and you'll have a grand wedding and live happily ever after in a huge house with lots of yard for the kiddies to play in. Life as a princess.........

It only sucks when I wake up in the morning:)


Naijadude said...

Hahah Princess Mamarita! I love that eh! You know what? You are so right about that, God said, you are chosen generation, a ROYAL GENERATION.
Its been said by the Word,so just keep living it hun!

Hey where do I register oh? me no sabi say I go register oh!! **I hope I wont have to part with any penny sha?** hmmm coughs!

Jaycee said...

mamarita...he he...I choked on the last line...lol. The waking up part was the craziest. Oooooohhh...mamarita, a huge congratulations to u for starting off a new fellowship thing in Toronto. A thing like that won't go unrewarded! Just watch...


Anonymous said...

lmao... you killed the boy at the meeting.. your too too funny babe!!!

It only sucks when I wake up in the morning:)

Fantastic wit!

Anonymous said...

what is jaycee talkign about.. which fellowship you start?