So I checked my email today and got this:

Hey M
I appreciate your thoughtful and thorough discussion of my book. Some of the men in are in fact Giant A-holes that are just bad seeds and can't be helped. Some are just doofussess that just haven't learned how to deal with Women properly yet and could be saved.
Either or Its interesting to get your perspective on it and If you don't mind I'm going to link to your review.
I would only point out that however the stories strike people they remember that some of this pain is going to help other Women, as a portion of every book sold goes to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.
Thanks again and all the best,

Wow! I was shocked,that the guy that compiled THE SLIME THAT MEN DO could actually take time out to read my blog and put it up on his blog thank you....and please be like me and buy the book because a portion of every book sold goes to THE CANADIAN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. Pass it to your friends, and their friends who have ever been hurt, when am sad I feel a little better knowing am not the only one:) Thank you Humble Howard. You made my weekend


lerieluvlie said...

Nice one girlie!!!!! and thanks for feeling my locks!!! mua

Justme said...

Hey Mama! How are u?Just wanted to say hi!

Funmi said...

You go girl! enjoyed reading your article on the slime men do. Lol@ standing at Olumo Rock.

Spook E said...

thanks for stopping by. I'm a new blogger, still wet behind the ears, still trying to get my lazy ass in line.